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Home Comfort is importantDo not be uncomfortable for another day. If your system is not heating or cooling your home properly, let us know immediately! We provide Indianapolis heating and air conditioning repair for all types of systems and we specialize in geothermal repair.

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Call us at 317-867-2665. Make certain we know if your system has failed. Even if your furnace and air conditioner appear to be working properly, don’t forget that preventative maintenance is important to keep your family safe and comfortable. Call us and ask for a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. You can also schedule a non-emergency service online.

Fast, Precise Service

When you need service, you need it now. Seems like most Indianapolis heating and air conditioning repair companies offer this, but can they deliver both fast and precise service? Precision Comfort Systems is your local comfort specialist. Local and Precise are two of your most important requirements when choosing your heating contractor.

Service costs

The final bill you pay for heating and air conditioning service from any contractor will depend on labor time, parts needed and honesty. The last part of this calculation is the most important. You need a specialist that is capable of finding the exact problem and will tell you the truth about what service is really needed. In addition to our honesty, we offer you some of our costs here.

Online specials

Occasionally we offer specials to our online visitors. Check in to see the current offers.

Repair or replace?

If it’s broke, let’s get it fixed! And of course let’s only fix the part that is broke. And let’s get it done as soon as possible!
But when do we finally give up on the old clunker and invest in a new high efficiency system? This takes a precise and honest technician who 1) knows exactly what is wrong and 2) gives you the truth about spending your money on service that may not be worth the investment. We will help you decided.

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Use this form to send us a message on any topic. Have a question on Service? Need advice on a new heating system, air conditioner? Interested in geothermal? Comment on your service. Question for Energy Man Dan? Send us a message.


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