Indiana hot weather air conditioner service

Hot, humid summer weather… you know it’s coming! The only good thing about  the Indianapolis area getting hot and humid is… we all have something to talk about.  And what’s more, almost all of us will finally agree on something; It’s HOT and we love our air conditioning! At Precision Comfort Systems, our Indianapolis air conditioner, AC service calls have been increasing. The AC service department has been busy responding to all the No Cooling calls in Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel and the other communities surprised by our early heat this year. Much of the time the service technician spends on an AC service call is answering questions like, “Is it OK if my AC is running non stop?” “How can I lower my high air conditioning bills?” Where should I set my AC thermostat temperature?”

Precision Comfort Systems AC service technicians are the best and they know the answers to most air conditioning questions. But I thought I would help them out by answering some of the most common air conditioning and summer comfort questions. Here are the questions we hear the most during the hot summer weather:

Why does my air conditioner never turn off on the hot days? It’s OK. In Central Indiana, air conditioners are sized for normal summer conditions of 15 to 20 degrees warmer outside than inside. So if it gets 20 degrees warmer outside than your thermostat setting, you will most likely see your AC running all the time. But even in extreme weather if you can cool your home 20 degrees less than say 100 degrees, your will still maintain a reasonably comfortable temperature for mid and late afternoon. And then by evening it should start to catch up. If you cannot maintain at least 15 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature, Call Us!

Is my air conditioner size too small? It could be, but do not judge your AC size on the hottest day of the year. In Indiana, 95 degrees outside temperature is very rare. Normal is more like 88 to 90 for a hot day. If your AC will not maintain 75 degrees inside when it’s 88 degrees outside it may be too small or it may not be working properly. A Precision Comfort Technician can determine this and tell you the truth.

Do I need a new high-efficiency air conditioner or just an AC repair? We try our best to get the full life out of your current air conditioner. AC life expectancy is about 13 to 17 years (average 15 years). Some repairs can make a big difference and it is very much worth the cost of AC service. But eventually you need an honest technician to tell you when it’s time to upgrade to a new, higher efficiency, more dependable air conditioner.

What are some easy ways to save on air conditioning costs? Here are two very easy and free AC tips. On bright hot summer days, close the drapes or blinds on the sunny side of the home. Solar heat can account for 50% of your AC costs and air conditioning load. Also, if you are air conditioning today and you plan on air conditioning tomorrow, do not open your home tonight. The night air is cool, but it is still humid. Summer humidity in Indiana can cause you AC bills to double.

Where should I set my air conditioning thermostat temperature? This is a tough one. Summer comfort is very subjective for each of us. (I think we are more sensitive to temperature in the summer than we are in the winter.) The first thing to note is that your home thermostat(s) may not be perfectly accurate, so do not get too set on an exact number. Cool to your personal comfort level but keep these things in mind; 1) you normally only have the ability to cool 20 degrees from the outside temperature, 2) each degree you lower the thermostat you could add 10% to 15% to your air conditioning bill, 3) if you wait until late afternoon to “cool down” the home, the AC may not be capable of reducing the home temperature during peak conditions.

Hope this helps. Keep Cool! If your AC fails, call Precision Comfort Systems! We offer much more than AC service repair. When you’re having comfort problems, we offer an honest evaluation of your heating and cooling system as well as your entire home. Our trained technicians have the experience to find your problem, and it’s not always a new system. And don’t forget, we offer free second opinions!

How to Cool Hot Upstairs rooms with a new AC

The hot summer days and especially the nights bring back one of the most common home comfort problems: a hot upstairs. Despite your air conditioner repair man saying the AC is tuned up and running properly, the bedrooms on the second floor are so hot, many in the family choose to sleep downstairs. Better yet, if you have one, you may find relief 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the basement! How can a home’s air conditioning system become so imbalanced? How can you fix a hot upstairs during a hot Indianapolis summer? How can you improve the air conditioning in the second floor rooms?

First let’s mention the things that will not help your hot rooms in the summer:

  •  A new air conditioning system will not likely help.
  • An air conditioning system tune up will not help.
  • Closing all the downstairs registers may help the hot upstairs a little, but your air conditioning system may suffer from inadequate airflow.
  • Attic fans are overrated and can cause more problems sucking air conditioned air out of your home.
  • More attic insulation helps, but only if you have very little now. Adding more to an adequate amount will do very little.
  • Ceiling fans are a mild consolation. They circulate the warm air but do not cool it and even add a little heat to the room.

So what is the solution to a hot upstairs where the second floor rooms need more air conditioning? You need a heating contractor that understands air duct design. Most HVAC dealers replace heating and air conditioning systems, but do not design and install new, premium air distribution systems in new homes. Precision Comfort Systems is the top choice for Indianapolis area builders when it comes to a balanced home air conditioning system. Let Precision look at your air conditioning system to see what changes are needed in your duct system to finally improve your hot upstairs.

When is the right time to do this? The ideal time is when you purchase a new air conditioner and or furnace. Thus the reason for the title of this blog… How to Cool Hot Upstairs rooms with a new AC. Do not make the mistake of simply buying a new air conditioner without having a duct design specialist examine your duct system. The first 10 feet of your duct system can be the most important factors and a Precision Comfort specialist will always consider your total home comfort when quoting a new air conditioning system. We even offer a complete home inspection that can identify other major sources of your summer discomfort.

Are you ready to get serious about your hot upstairs? Call Precision and let’s look for a new duct route to the hot second floor rooms. Let’s see if a second, high efficiency air conditioner can be used for the upstairs. Let’s see if we can add a zoning system to the entire home. You need a Precision air distribution design specialist when you buy a new air conditioner!

Here is some additional information on this topic.


Hot Upstairs in the Hot Summer Weather?

Do you have a hot upstairs during the summer air conditioning season? I’m sure it is of little consolation for me to tell you that you are not alone and that this is one of the most common air conditioning problems we hear about. What should you do if your upstairs is much hotter than the downstairs? Do you need a more efficient air conditioner or a larger air conditioner? Before I suggest solutions, let’s discuss why the upstairs is so uncomfortable during hot summer weather.

Cooling the upstairs of a two-story home is a challenge for many reasons. The downstairs is usually closer to the air conditioner fan and it gets most of the airflow. The thermostat is usually downstairs, it senses the plentiful cool air in the downstairs, and shuts off the air conditioner before the upstairs is cool. The upstairs has a hot attic above it. The ducts to the upstairs are commonly undersized considering the extra distance from the fan.

Another very significant factor is when a home has any two-story room (foyer, great room, etc.) that allows much of the downstairs heat to flow into and gather in the upstairs. Worse yet, homes with an upstairs open loft or balcony may have sitting areas in this heat collection zone. The cool conditioned air delivered to these open rooms will often fall to the downstairs via the quickest route possible and add to the premature cooling of the downstairs thermostat.

Here is the bad news first. A new high efficiency air conditioner or a larger air conditioner will not help this imbalance. Do not accept a sales proposal based on this claim. The most common reason for the hot upstairs is the lack of air flow to the hot rooms. They are normally farther from the furnace than the downstairs rooms and need larger ducts. If your ducts are accessible, we may be able to make some changes to help cool your upstairs better. Good duct design during home construction is what Precision Comfort Systems is known for. We can apply our new home design experience to your home if your ducts are accessible.

Here are some tips if we cannot change the duct system:

  • Close all the blinds upstairs during the day.
  • Close basement registers. Close the downstairs registers closest to the thermostat but do not close all the downstairs registers.
  • Try running the AC fan in the “continuous” mode. If it helps great, but if it is only a slight benefit, remember that the fan is costing a bit more to run all the time.
  • In the rooms that are two stories high and open to the upstairs, try a ceiling fan to counter the upward heat flow. In other rooms, use ceiling fans only when you are in the room and only if they help. They cost money to run.
  • Check your attic insulation. Many attics need more insulation added after many years of storage, maintenance traffic and sometimes even weather damage to the old insulation.
  • Call Precision Comfort Systems to see if your home is an easy candidate for a zone system or maybe even a new, second air conditioner dedicated for the upstairs. This is the ultimate fix if your home layout allows it.


Don’t fall for these AC service specials!

Do these Air Conditioning Service specials sound familiar?What’s going on? Why do some Indianapolis AC service companies insult your intelligence with these gimmicks? Precision Comfort Systems thinks you deserve the truth about these “too-good-to-be-true” air conditioner service special offers.

We think you should know, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and Fishers Air Conditioning service companies are not really making a profit when they visit your home for a $29.95 air conditioner clean and check. In fact, some homeowners have discovered they paid this fee to simply become a target of an in-house sales presentation. Is your 10-year-old air conditioner really about to die? Or worse, is your furnace a safety threat to your family? How do you know the truth?

Precision Comfort Systems recommends getting a second opinion. Our experienced technicians each have many stories about inspecting a supposedly condemned furnace and finding nothing wrong. It’s unfortunate, but there are some individuals who think that any furnace over a certain age is not reliable. These technicians (some who may be pressured with a sales quota) create just enough alarm to scare customers into a purchase that may not be needed.   Precision Comfort System has no charge for a second opinion. We have been to many homes in the Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel and Zionsville area that did not really have a furnace about to blow up. You would be amazed at how many loyal customers we have acquired by simply giving them an honest answer. We would much rather impress you with our honesty than scare you into a sale.

Now let’s have some fun with those ads and give you a little Precision Comfort insight into your junk mail offers:

Free! To the first five people. (The Precision free second opinion is really free. Our other products and services have a fair price. We find it’s hard to pay the best technicians when we hand out free products.)

Truckload over shipment; our mistake, your fortune! (No one really brings in a truckload of anything anymore. Our distributors do most warehousing and they deliver to us every day as sales dictate.)

Cheap and Quick! (Precision Comfort Systems is more the “Fair and Precise” type. Our customers approve of our strategy wholeheartedly.)

Pounds of free refrigerant for your leaky air conditioner. (This is a great one and worthy of more detail. An air conditioner or heat pump should not be administered a compulsory, seasonal shot of refrigerant for good measure. Overcharging is as much a problem as under-charging a system. But what if your system is actually leaking? Shouldn’t you call the company offering free refrigerant?  How better for a contractor to identify who needs a new air conditioner or heat pump? If your system is really leaking refrigerant, you likely need a new system, not more refrigerant.  They know this. What you need is an honest and precise analysis of your situation.)

AC is now free, you pay installation. (Do advertisers really think that smart customers fall for this?)

Thanks for your continued trust in Precision Comfort Systems.

This green heating contractor recycles

You know from reading my blogs that Precision Comfort Systems in Central Indiana (Westfield to be exact) is the largest geothermal, green heating and air conditioning dealer in the state. But that’s not enough green. This green air conditioning contractor takes it one step farther. After you purchase a high efficiency heating or air conditioning system from Precision, know that your old system did not go to a landfill. As a green heating dealer, we recycle!

Recycle old air condtioners in Indiana

Here is a picture of our recycle shop. Each week we bring in dozens of old inefficient air conditioners. First the refrigerant is reclaimed (collected for recycling) by a Precision EPA licensed technician. Then the air conditioner and furnace parts are brought back to our in-house recycle program. Different metal components are processed, sorted and then grouped together. Then they are transported to the recycle centers.

Air conditioners can be recycledWe recognize that the most energy efficient customers are those who are investing in geothermal systems and high efficiency furnaces and high efficiency air conditioners. These are the same customers who would insist in the most environmentally sound, sustainable disposal of the old equipment. Precision Comfort Systems could not agree more. Despite the extra time involved, you can be assured that your old air conditioner nightmare that caused you so many problems, was fittingly dismembered and disposed of properly. Who knows, perhaps your old air conditioner will be part of the next windmill project or a solar collector.

Who performs geothermal service is important

Indianapolis area homeowners with a geothermal heating and cooling system, take note. You were very wise when you decided on the very best energy savings investment. But your need to make wise decisions does not end after the initial investment. Who does your seasonal geothermal service is your next most important decision.

Geothermal service is best when it comes from those most experienced in geothermal technology. When you are tempted to change your service source to someone offering a special tune and clean for a very low price, think again. Many advertising savvy heating contractors are not as familiar with complete geothermal service as they are with traditional furnace cleanings.

A geothermal heating and cooling system, as you know, is very different. This high technology, green energy source needs to be seasonally examined by a trained geothermal technician. But let’s face it, there are probably other techs that could show you their class participation certificate. What you are really looking for is the contractor who deals with geothermal service on a daily basis.

Precision Comfort Systems in Westfield, Indiana has installed thousands of geothermal heating and air conditioning systems in Noblesville, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers and all of the Central Indiana communities.  We are frequently called on to diagnose a geothermal problem that another contractor could not resolve. These customers are lucky that their problem was noticeable enough to warrant a second opinion. But what about the geo systems that are not quite up to their full potential and no one knows the difference? Don’t take chances. Call the pros.

Precision Comfort Systems is a Water Furnace GeoPro Master dealer and we offer geothermal service on all types and brands of geothermal systems. This includes geothermal loop services. Schedule your geothermal service from the most referred geothermal contractor, today!

Zionsville AC Repair

Precision Comfort Systems, an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for 2010, provides Zionsville, Indiana with affordable and energy efficient heating, ventilations, and air conditioner services.  Located in Westfield, Indiana, Precision Comfort Systems makes frequent trips to Zionsville since this area of Boone County demands the best in terms of heating and cooling specialists.

Here is an interesting note about Zionsville.  In 2009, Zionsville was rated as Indiana’s “Best Affordable Suburb” by BusinessWeek.

Precision Comfort Systems offers our Zoinsville cutomers air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation. We will work with you to make sure you get the best services for your investment. Precision Comfort Systems guarantees the satisfaction of all our Central Indiana customers and we offer warranties with all of our air conditioner repairs. Making sure your furnace and air conditioner provides superior comfort at a reasonable price is our #1 mission.

If you are in need of a Zionsville air conditioner repair company, call us @ 317.867.2665 today!

Hot Weather Doubles air conditioning costs!

Hot weather affects our comfortHigh air conditioning costs will result from the very hot weather we are having in Indianapolis and all of central Indiana. How high will the AC bill be? Expect double or triple the cost to cool your home. Here’s why the hot weather will have such an impact on your cooling costs.

You normally cool your home a very “easy” 10 to 15 degrees difference from the outside temperature. For example if it’s 75 in your air conditioned home and 88 degrees outside, you have cooled your home 13 degrees. (A normal “hot” summer day in Indiana would be about 88 degrees.) So, when it’s 100 degrees outside, you have nearly doubled the air conditioning load! But wait, it get’s worse for some people.

As a result of (very helpful) conservation efforts by several sources within our community, we actually use less air conditioning than we did in the past during normal summer conditions. Some of us cool our homes to a higher temperature (ex., 77 instead of 75) and others simply reserve air conditioner use for the hottest days only. What does extremely hot weather do to the air conditioning portion of our electric bill? Maybe triple! Since our “new normal” air conditioning habits have reduced our electric bill to a new low, it is not uncommon for the extreme heat to be three times cost of the normal weather, conservative AC cost.

Here is more information about the extreme heat and air conditioning:

  1. Air conditioners are less efficient in very hot weather. Think about it. The outside AC unit is trying to get rid of the heat from your home by cooling the air fins on your outside unit. It is very difficult to cool this appliance when it is sitting in 100 degree heat. Is it also on the west side of your home? OUCH! This can further decrease the efficiency of your system.
  2. Humidity loads are higher in times of very hot weather. This is a complicated topic and deserves more explanation than this, but for now, know that the extremely hot air can hold much more humidity than normal summer air. So if it can, it frequently does! Without complicating this information too much, know that 100 degree air at 40 percent relative humidity has about three times the moisture load than 88 degree air at 40 percent relative humidity. Why is humidity a load on your air conditioner? Your AC removes moisture first and cools the home second with whatever cooling it has left. If you have lots of outside humid air leaking into your home, you’re going to see this in your cooling costs. Seal up your home and limit door openings in the extreme heat.
  3. Do you have ducts in your attic? Have you been in your attic when the weather person says it’s 100 degrees outside? Extreme heat and sunny conditions can heat your attic to over 130 degrees. (Sounds like I am exagerating but this one is an easy one for you to experience for yourself. Let me know…) Those ducts in the attic should be very well insulated from the attic air. Also, experiment with your AC fan setting. Some homes with ducts in the attic will be better off without circulating the fan continuously. When the AC is off, why circulate your 75 degree indoor air into a duct system that is in a 130 degree space?

Finally, what should you do if your air conditioning bills get too high? Call us. Yes we are extremely busy with all the hot weather but it has to break some day. We can look over your system and see what adjustments are needed to increase your air conditioning efficiency and reduce your AC costs.

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