A new Air Conditioner on your old duct system?

When you purchase a new air conditioner from Precision Comfort Systems in Indiana, you get some hard-to-find custom services. Think about this. While you’re investing a few thousand dollars for a new air conditioner, your investment could also include an upgraded duct system! See our new video that shows how custom duct fittings are made in our shop. See how we can custom design important duct parts for your home. This service can make a big difference for your new air conditioner.

A new furnace is just as important as a new air conditioner. Both systems rely on your duct system to transport the proper volume of comfort to each room. Many homes have a wonderful new air conditioner or new furnace. But the old duct system remains inadequate for proper comfort distribution. Precision Comfort Systems is in the custom sheet metal, duct fabrication business. Most of our competition use store-bought ducts and duct fittings. But we create some very custom fittings to increase your comfort and energy efficiency. We gain our experience through the hundreds of custom new homes for which we design and install the best in comfort systems. Most contractors only work in existing homes, replacing air conditioners and furnaces. Most have never built a new duct system on any job!

We are different. Watch the video.

When Precision Comfort SA new air conditioner should get new duct fittingsystems examines your old furnace and air conditioner, we take pride in going the extra step to evaluate the duct “fittings”. These are the pieces that connect the furnace or fan cabinet to the duct system. This is where the highest air volume and air velocity is found and it’s also where a new custom duct fitting can make the most improvement. Many times, when the duct system is accessible, we are even able to make changes downstream in the duct system to help a particularly uncomfortable area in your home. Remember, even the best new air conditioner or furnace is DOA if it is unable to deliver the comfort to the rooms where your family spends their time.


Myth: Heat Pumps are not efficient in cold weather

We have been conditioned to expect our appliances to cycle. The refrigerator turns off and on. The basement sump pump cycles. The clothes dryer runs until the clothes are dry and then turns off with a friendly melody letting you know that it has completed its job. If any of these machines did not cycle off as we expect, we would naturally think something is wrong. So when the weather gets cold and your heat pump runs constantly, myths are born. Like, “A heat pump is not efficient in cold weather” or “Turn off the heat pump when it gets cold” or “Heat pumps are not designed for cold weather climates.” All myths! Hopefully you have only heard these misunderstood rants from neighbors or the “expert know-it-all” at work. But if you’re hearing any of these myths from your heating contractor, you have some additional problems. If you’re hearing these profound “truths” from your spouse, then they are absolutely true, but you might accidentally leave this blog open on the home PC.

Here’s the truth. Heat pumps are tremendously efficient, even in cold weather. True, the efficiency does decline slightly as the temperature goes down, but even at very cold, single digit temps, heat pump efficiency is impressive and always better than any other setting on your thermostat. Do not turn the heat pump off by switching to Em. Ht. (Emergency Heat). Assuming your heat pump is working properly, never listen to any service technician who suggests “giving the heat pump a rest” unless you want to pay two or three times the cost on your electric bill.

So if heat pumps are so efficient, then why do they run all the time? Here is a blog from the past with more information on this.

But what if my heat pump really is broke and running non-stop? How will I know if I need service? Here are some tips to keep you from calling for service every time it gets cold.

But hold on! Not only does my heat pump run all day and all night, but when it does get cold outside, my home feels colder! What about that Mr. Heat Pump Expert?!

Great question. Here’s why. Your thermostat prioritizes the heat pump run time to maximize the cheap heat. The auxiliary heat (electric resistance heat, or back-up heat) is minimized since it is more expensive. Here’s how it works. Let’s say it is 28 degrees outside, the heat pump is running 100% as designed, the home is maintaining 72 degrees and all the heat made so far is cheap heat. Now let’s say it cools to 26 degrees outside. If the home temperature goes down one, or sometimes two degrees, this causes the thermostat to bring on the auxiliary heat for a very short boost to supplement the heat pump. The home temperature raises to a point just short of the thermostat set point and then the auxiliary heat turns off as soon as possible. Meanwhile the heat pump has been running non-stop throughout this time to maximize the cheap heat. So in cold temperatures, the heat pump runs non stop to maximize your cheap heat but your home may remain a degree or two below your thermostat setting.

What should you do, suffer? NO! The heat pump is very efficient so make it do its thing. Simply turn up the thermostat a degree or two in cold weather so you are comfortable. Do not suffer and submit yourself to the old myth that heat pump homes are cold. (I’ve heard service techs poorly advise customers, “Sorry, you will just have to get used to it”.) Remember, you are not really splurging or abusing the environment by adding one or two degrees. In very cold weather, adjusting a heat pump thermostat to 73 may be necessary to provide the 72 degree comfort you were initially looking for.

One tip that is not a myth. Resist cranking your heat pump thermostat by more than two degrees at a time. If you do this frequently, you will be calling up the expensive heat to accommodate the fast blast of heat. This will not hurt your heating system but it can raise your bill if you do this often.

More questions? Call Precision Comfort Systems. We’re the honest ones with much more precise information on your comfort systems.

Precision earns heating and AC Services Award

Precision Comfort Systems has just received another services award and the new badge has been installed on the bottom of our web page. This award reflects Precision Comfort System’s consistently high level of customer service. If you are looking for the heating and air conditioning company that is the best in honest, skilled customer service, Precision is a north side Indianapolis company you can trust.

This award means a lot to us. As a result of our long standing commitment to customer satisfaction, we are, perhaps, the most referred heating and air conditioning company in the City of Westfield and other nearby communities. Our past, satisfied customers are the most powerful and effective type of advertising we possess and we depend on our long standing, “best in the area” reputation to keep our referrals coming in.

Customer referrals are the perfect way for Precision Comfort Systems to be recognized and discovered by new customers who demand the best in heating and air conditioning service. Read the testimonials on our website.

Our customers are the most valuable asset we have acquired over the years and we intend to maintain their trust. We hope we get the opportunity to earn your trust and impress you with our services.


Water Furnace Geothermal in Indiana

Precision Comfort Systems are the Indianapolis geothermal heating and cooling experts. Thousands of residential geothermal heating and cooling systems have been designed and installed by the Precision geothermal specialists in Westfield, Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers and all of Central Indiana. Our website is loaded with information about your next geothermal heating and cooling system. Here are your main starting points:

Read all about geothermal systems; Why should you choose geo, How does it work, What kind of geothermal loop is best and much more.

Building a new home that needs a geothermal heating and cooling system?

New home customers should read this.

New home builders should read this.

New home HVAC design

If you’re building a new home, you have a tremendous opportunity to install the most comfortable, energy efficient and well-designed heating and cooling system possible. Your new home HVAC design is a critical step. Do not cut corners at this stage. Learn about the many options you have during construction that are difficult to achieve later.

Central Indiana’s finest new home builders depend on Precision Comfort Systems for their comfort design and installation services.

We are here to keep you warm…

To keep your family warm during the cold Indiana winters, Precision Comfort Systems offers the newest in technology with gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, radiant heat and geothermal systems. Our goal is simple; to deliver reliable and economical warmth for every room in your home. Our furnaces have efficiency ratings from an economical 80% to almost 100% efficiency and many models are also ENERGY STAR® qualified. The high efficiency models can significantly lower your utility bills and may qualify for tax incentives or rebates from your electric company. Call us with any of your energy efficiency or home comfort questions.

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