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What is the heating cost for your Indianapolis area home? Some people know the answer to this, others can only guess. Would it surprise you to hear that some people are spending $3000 per winter to heat their Central Indiana home while the heating cost for their neighbor is only $500?

Do you know the fuel costs of your heating fuel? If your home heating cost is extremely high, what are the heating savings you could expect with a new heating system? If you live in Central Indiana and you have questions about your heating cost, heating savings and alternative fuel costs, you need a customized heating cost comparison report from Precision Comfort Systems.

Compare your heating cost with all other heating fuelsThis heating cost comparison report is customized for your home. How can we do this? The best way is to look at your current heating bills. Your heat bills tell us a very detailed story about your home insulation, your exposure to wind and sun, the condition of your equipment and other important variables. If you do not have your past heating bills, we can still give you a good cost comparison of all the heating fuel choices available to you.

Before you invest in a new heating or air conditioning system, make sure you see the potential savings.

Even if you are not in the market for a new heating system, a cost comparison report is still very helpful. For example, many Precision Comfort Customers were astounded at the potential savings of a geothermal heat pump. From their custom report they realized they were spending thousands of dollars each year in fuel and could have been using this money to invest in a new, high efficiency heating system. This report helps tell the story.

And remember, just because it’s new, does not mean you will have any savings at all! You need an honest opinion of how your new heating system will perform in comparison to your old heating system. Our report will show you the truth.

Great Example of Heating Savings from cost comparison chartHere is an example of the details found in our Heating Cost Comparison Report. This is from an average size home in Westfield, Indiana (or Noblesville, Fishers, Sheridan, Carmel, Zionsville and other Central Indiana cities with comparable weather). Can you imagine saving $2000 per winter in heating costs? This is how our customers pay off a brand new, high efficiency heating and air conditioning system.

Contact us for your report. For our customers in the Central Indiana area, this is a free service. Look here for more details on what we need to complete your report.

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