Free Heating Cost Report

Here’s what we will need to send you a customized heating cost comparison report for your home.

Compare heating fuels and heating systemsYour Free Comparison Report for home heating costs will be as accurate as possible.  If you have your past heating fuel usage, this will be the best report it can be.

This report will allow you to make a very clear comparison between your old heating and air conditioning system and your new, high efficiency system. How can you calculate payback if you do not see the savings?

Here is the easiest way to get your report.

Tell us your current home heating fuel. Electric, Natural gas, Propane (LP) or Oil? Is it a furnace, heat pump, boiler or other type?

How old is your home? How large is your home in square feet? How old is your current air conditioner?

What is your electric company and/or natural gas company?

The above is really all we need. But if you have your past fuel bills, these will make the report much more accurate. For example, if you purchased propane gas three times last year, September 300 gallons, December, 400 gallons and March 200 gallons, all at $2.50 per gallon, this tells me all about your home and how much heat you need to get through a winter.

Send your information to Energy Man Dan at Precision Comfort Systems with our Contact Us form. Or simply call and ask for Dan. 317-867-2665.

Building a new home that has no past fuel usage? This is our specialty. Precision Comfort Systems installs hundreds of new home systems every year. Builders, new home owners, and sometimes even mortgage providers want to know the expected energy costs of new homes. Call Dan. 317-867-2665

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