Geothermal vs. Conventional Furnace and AC

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Geothermal Water Furnace compared to conventional

Water Furnace Geothermal, or
Conventional Electric Heat Pump, or
Conventional Furnace and AC


Option: Features: Reasons to choose this option
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Or Conventional Heat Pump
Geothermal heating and cooling is the most energy efficient way to comfort your home. Geothermal features: Low energy costs, No outdoor unit, Longer life expectancy and a 30% Federal tax credit. If you plan to live in this home for many years and have enough property for a loop.
No outdoor unit, no noise outside. Helps heat your domestic water. Lowest heating and cooling costs.
1) Geothermal, Water Furnace
7 Series
Most efficient of all geothermal systems. Variable speed compressor allows for variable output heat and AC depending on conditions. Top end geothermal. Especially helpful for homes with many zones and if you have high expectations on different temperatures in each zone.
2) Geothermal, Water Furnace
5 Series
Most popular line of Water Furnace. Dual speed compressor. Many options available for custom installation. 80% of all geo systems installed by Precision Comfort is the 5 Series. Good mix of economy and high value features.
3) Geothermal, Water Furnace
3 Series
Least expensive Water Furnace option. Normally chosen by spec home builders sensitive to initial price. Less options are available than 5 Series. Most economical of residential geothermal systems. Still qualifies for Federal Tax credit.
4) Heat Pump, Conventional
Variable Speed
Carrier Infinity Series, Greenspeed, variable speed heat pump. Most efficient conventional heat pump, but does not qualify for the geothermal tax credit. Choose this if you want the highest efficiency but you do not have natural gas available and a geo- thermal loop cannot be installed.
5) Heat Pump, Conventional
Two Speed
Carrier Performance Series two speed heat pump. Most popular line of Carrier heat pump systems.  Most common product line for homes that do not install a gas furnace or geothermal heat pump.
6) Heat Pump, Conventional
Standard Efficiency
Carrier Comfort Series heat pump. Fewer options in Comfort Series.  Economical heat pump for new home builders sensitive to initial price.
Gas Furnace and Conventional Air Conditioner  Natural gas is a competitively priced heating option compared to heat pump systems that would be used in an area with high electric rates.  Natural Gas is available and you have no room for a geothermal loop.
1) Gas Furn. and  Air Conditioner, Carrier Infinity Greenspeed Most efficient of all non-geothermal systems. Modulating 98% gas furnace & Variable speed air conditioner  Choose this if you want the best efficiency but cannot have geothermal.
2) Gas Furn. and Air Conditioner, Carrier Performance Two stage or single stage furnace with performance AC. Most popular line of Carrier systems.  Most all conventional systems installed by Precision Comfort are the Performance Series.
3) Gas Furn. and Air Conditioner, Carrier Comfort Series Carrier Comfort Series is the most economical. High efficiency is still available but with fewer options.  Economical gas and AC for new home builders sensitive to initial price.


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