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If you filled out a card at the Precision Comfort Homeshow booth, you get a free duct cleaning when you purchase a new whole house system!

This offer applies to all show sales including both new homes and existing homes! If you filled out a card, you get this $500 service for FREE on your new, whole house system.Homeshow free offer for your new or existing home

The timing is perfect! When you replace your old furnace and air conditioner, this is a perfect opportunity to finally have your duct system cleaned. Precision Comfort uses an advanced three step process that involves a thorough multi register vacuum, a 450 rpm internal needle brush and vacuum combo power scrub and a remote camera inspection. This is not a simple, external air blow.You are eligible for this free duct cleaning if you submit a card at the Precision Comfort show booth and subsequently purchased a whole house heating and cooling system. This is a limited time offer.

Your card was also included in a valuable drawing.

The winner of the drawing is Jerry C. who is building a new home in Hamilton County

Jerry, if Precision Comfort Systems installs the HVAC systems in your new home, one of your new Heating and Cooling Systems will get a Free Upgrade, up to $1500 value.

Option 1) 12 months same as cash

  • This easy plan includes the cost of all system options for loan amounts of $1500 to $40,000. Unlike other offers, this plan requires no principle payments and no interest payments for up to one year! Easily convert to a loan at any time. This is a paperless application process and we get approvals in five minutes.

Option 2) Upgrade your geothermal purchase from a single speed to a two speed 5 Series, WaterFurnace geothermal system

  • When you invest in a new furnace and air conditioner, system sizing is very important. Exact sizing offers the best in comfort and energy efficiency but some weather conditions lead to oversizing. Upgrade to the two stage system and get the best of both worlds; small unit efficiency for most of the season and a high speed extra capacity on those extreme days.

 Option 3) Upgrade to an electronic air cleaner for a healthier home at a lower cost

  • High efficiency air filtration normally comes at a cost. Heavy duty air filters are more costly when replacing them several times per year and they are also a significant burden to the airflow pressure in your furnace and air conditioner. An upgrade to an electronic air cleaner will not only filter more pollutants from your air, its permanent, washable metal cells do not require replacement like disposable filters. And these air cleaners are less restrictive to the adequate airflow required for the best comfort and energy efficiency.


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