Repair Or Replace?

Should you repair or replace furnace and air conditioning systems? 

A furnace, heat pump and air conditioner are complicated mechanical devices. And like all machines, they always, eventually break. Considering these high technology machines keep your family alive in the winter, it is very important to keep your system in good condition at all times.

When we visit your home to repair your broken system, it may come as a surprise that our primary goal is not to profit from your poor luck. Of course we are in business to make a profit, but our experience has taught us that a long term relationship is much more valuable than a one time, oversold, unneeded service.

We know your system failure has come as a surprise expense. Our trained technicians will take the time to properly diagnose the problem in an effort to change or repair the (hopefully) single, faulty part, and not an assortment of parts in a blind hope that the culprit is replaced. If we gain your respect on this repair, we trust you will call us again.

But eventually we need to give up on the old clunker and invest in a new high efficiency system. This decision takes a precise and honest technician who 1) knows exactly what is wrong and 2) gives you the truth about spending your money on service that may not be worth the investment.

When do I replace the furnace? (or air conditioner)

If this helps, here is a very rough rule of thumb. If your system’s age is 10 years or less, let’s fix it and also discover what caused the problem. A 10 to 15 year system is still a good candidate for repairs, but if safety is a concern or the problem is major, we may recommend replacement. Systems over 15 years old and needing more than a few hundred dollars in repair, should be considered for replacement. Many times, 15 to 20 year old technology cannot compete with the new technology and the potential energy savings will help make this an easier decision.


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