Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency in Indianapolis will depend on several factors. In an effort to minimize your energy usage, or at least understand where your energy is going, it is important to know which appliances and what habits contribute to the greatest or least energy usage.

Precision Comfort Systems can help you with your heating and cooling costs, and when you invest in a geothermal system we can even cut your water heating costs. Your decision on the type system to purchase can cut your energy costs significantly.

But we realize you may need to cut energy costs even if you do not need a new system. Below is more information and energy efficiency tips.


The most important tip in heating is to minimize the heat your home needs by insulating and sealing air leaks. Then, create the heat you need in the most efficient way possible with a high efficiency system using a reasonably priced fuel.


In addition to using an efficient air conditioner the easiest way to cut your air conditioning bills is to raise your thermostat from 73 up to 76 and keep the curtains closed on the sunny side of the home.

Water Heating

Hot water is primarily used in two places; clothes washing and bathing. Switch from hot to cold clothes washing for significant savings and shorten your shower time for additional savings.


If you have not already done so, upgrade to a new Energy Star refrigerator.


Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs really cut your lighting costs. They use one fourth the energy of standard incandescent bulbs.


Do you run a dehumidifier in a damp location? Portable dehumidifiers are not cheap to run. They are fine if you only need to dry an area occasionally, but if you have an ongoing humidity problem, check with Precision Comfort Systems for a more energy efficient solution.