Dan, Hamilton Co. In air conditioner review

Read this review from Dan, a Precision Comfort Systems air conditioner customer review from Hamilton County, Indiana:

Dear Mr. Newport and Mr. Holt.

This letter is in reference to the work performed at my home in Noblesville. My wife and I recently had an air conditioning system installed for the upstairs where no system previously existed. Since this was a major undertaking, we sought several estimates including your company.

Jerry was the consultant assigned to give the estimate for our home. I would like you to know that Jerry was far superior in his knowledge, experience and professionalism than your competitors’ representatives. He assessed the conditions and laid out the best air and heating plan for our home while considering financial limitations. He was very confident that this was the best possible solution and was able to concisely and clearly explain the system to someone with little knowledge of heating and air. Because of these factors, my wife and I chose your company.

The work that was performed was more than satisfactory. The crew was able to finish by the scheduled deadline despite a late start and unbearable heat and humidity at the time of installation. Several times I stopped by to see how the work was coming along and the crew was very courteous and helpful. When the work was completed, there was no dust or debris left from the installation.

Given that our home was built around the turn of the century, there were some unanticipated problems with the installation that required some minor patchwork. Jerry contacted an employee to repair the ceiling and the employee did not leave until I reassured him that the repairs met my standards. Jerry followed through with every aspect of the job from the cradle to grave.

In conclusion, Jerry and the crew that worked on our home were excellent. We were very satisfied with the installation and enjoyed a comfortable environment during some very hot days this past summer. We have recently kicked on the heat pump and that works just fine also. If you ever need reference to the quality of your work and workers, feel free to list us.

– Sincerely, Dan W., Hamilton County, Indiana


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