Mark, Westfield, In geothermal review

Read this review from Mark H, a Precision Comfort Systems geothermal customer review from Westfield, Indiana:

Dear Jerry.

I just wanted to let you and your company know how very pleased me and my family are with our new Geo-Thermo system. I was extremely pleased when the weather outside was -3 to -5 below and my system was running in energy saving mode and my house was a warm 74 degrees.

This same month last year I used over 300 gal. of LP, my LP bill was $734.71. This month my heating bill is about $95.00. With this kind of savings the money I invested in this new system will return sooner than I thought.

I no longer worry about how much it’s going to cost to heat our home and my girls love the heat set at 74 degrees rather than 69 degrees. And all men know that when our wives are happy, we’re happy.

Jerry, the system is doing all you said it would do and I couldn’t be more pleased. Please feel free to use me and my family as a reference, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a Geo-Thermo system especially considering today’s high energy costs. It’s worth every dime it cost.

Thanks again.

– Mark H., Westfield, Indiana


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