Marv, Carmel, In Water Furnace review

Read this review from Marv, a Precision Comfort Systems geothermal customer review from Carmel, Indiana:

Hi Jerry,

I thought I should share my utilities results with you after the first 6 months of ownership of my Waterfurnace geothermal heat pump that you installed for me. My average yearly total electric bill, based on the last 6 months of data, is now $1253. This compares to a total electric and gas bill last year of $2510. This means my TOTAL (including lights, TV, and HVAC) household energy bill has decreased by 50%. It is hard to figure out what my % decrease in heating, cooling, and hot water are because my electric bill has actually decreased from a yearly $1421, to its current value. My best estimate is the heating, cooling, and hot water costs will be about $235, making the savings about 80% for the heating, cooling, and hot water.

I would have to admit my calculations for heating and cooling savings have a wide margin for error because the new electric bill for the HVAC is so low that other changes, such as changing light bulbs to compact fluorescents, how many hours computers are on, etc. could easily mess up my baseline number. The HVAC system is almost too good to be true. Everyone who I share my story with gives me the same response when I tell them my yearly heating/cooling cost is $235. They simply assume I must be talking about a monthly bill, not a yearly bill. They then become completely dumbfounded when I explain this is not for one month, but for the whole year.

Thanks again for doing a terrific job on my installation. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

– Marv H. Carmel, IN


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