Your neighbors heat their homes with natural gas heat but your home does not even have a natural gas meter? What’s up withnatural gas that?

If your neighborhood already has homes with a natural gas meter, you are very lucky. You have the great opportunity to choose between your current electric heat pump or a natural gas furnace.

Precision Comfort Systems is working with Vectren (sometimes better known as Indiana Gas) to finally get a natural gas meter to your home. Heating with natural gas instead of an electric heat pump has many advantages:

  • Natural gas heat delivers a warmer register air temperature.
  • Natural gas heat costs much less to heat your home compared to your old heat pump.
  • If homes in your neighborhood have a natural gas meter but your home does not, chances are it will be valued a bit lower. If you sell your home, it may not sell as quickly as comparable homes with a natural gas meter.

Precision Comfort Systems has been selected to participate in a very appealing rebate offer to cut the cost of installing a natural gas meter for your home. In fact, getting a new gas line to your furnace location could be $zero! This covers one of our biggest obstacles in upgrading homes like yours to natural gas heat. Let us show you how to get instant rebates starting at $1100 toward your natural gas upgrade. And there are several other rebates to get even more than $1100!

How do I know if my home qualifies for these instant rebates?

This is a very easy test. If your home has never had a natural gas meter from Vectren, but there is a Vectren gas line on or near your property, you should qualify. Check with your neighbors closest to your home to see if their natural gas meter is from Vectren.

Call Precision Comfort Systems for a no obligation site visit to determine if your home qualifies for this limited time offer. We will also discuss how much it would cost to convert your heating system to natural gas and how much you could save in your heating costs. Call Ryan at 317-867-2665.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up to the neighbors. Call us and we will make this an easy upgrade for your home and a great investment for your family.