Geothermal Loop in Extreme Cold Temps

From Several of our customers recently... "My Geothermal heating system has ice and frost on the geothermal loop pipe. I thought geothermal heating was the best and now I see the geothermal loop pump and other loop fittings developing frost! What is wrong?" From our...

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My Basement is Cold

A finished basement in the Midwest is a great feature for your home. It should be a comfortable retreat for a cold winter evening where  you can pop some corn and watch a movie. But what if your finished basement is too cold? This is a common problem. Here's what's...

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So much window moisture, frogs will appear

Tree frogs in the tropics love humidity, condensation and moisture in general. But check out this moisture lover in Indiana. He was attracted to the window condensation during the air conditioning season. Do you have condensation on the outside of your windows on your...

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