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Geothermal Loop in Extreme Cold Temps

From Several of our customers recently... "My Geothermal heating system has ice and frost on the geothermal loop pipe. I thought geothermal heating was the best and now I see the geothermal loop pump and other loop fittings developing frost! What is wrong?" From our...

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Is your heat pump running non-stop?

It is worrisome for many homeowners when they realize their heat pump is running all the time. If you live in Central Indiana, or any state with weather similar to Indiana, then you are familiar with your electric heat pump running non-stop on the cold days. If this...

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Indiana LP Gas Prices, Compare and Save

The cost of propane gas (same as LP gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas) has always caused high heating bills in Indiana. But in 2014, Indiana propane prices doubled and this caused rationing and sent homeowners in search of alternatives. Some homes are keeping their LP...

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Geothermal in below zero temps

Just a quick  blog entry, before our very cold below zero weather sets in this weekend. Yes, your geothermal heating system is the best in the world. That is... it is the most efficient system you could have chosen for your home. But some geothermal owners confuse...

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My heat pump runs all day and night!

Should my heat pump run constantly? My old furnace didn't! If you subscribe to the old school (that would be the bigger-is-better school) your old oversized furnace was probably super-sized for the unlikely event that the next ice age will be here soon. The old goal...

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