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Indiana demands geothermal high efficiency

We are fresh back from last week's Indianapolis Home Show and, WOW! What a great show. Here's the bottom summary: Indiana demands geothermal high efficiency. Central Indiana's most popular heating and cooling tax credit is the geothermal federal tax credit of 30%. The...

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Honest furnace repair in Indianapolis area

If you are looking for honest furnace repair in the Indianapolis area during the Christmas holidays, you would think it should be as easy as reading the advertisements and calling any one of the many HVAC contractors who claim to be the most trustworthy, reliable,...

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Go Green in Indy with Geothermal

We all want to Go Green in Indianapolis, but which is the best route? Truthfully, the "go green" habit changes that cost nothing and help you consume less are the best. But if you are also looking to go green on a larger scale, a geothermal heating and cooling system...

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Condemned Furnace Replacement

For a recent Indianapolis area family, it started as a simple, low cost advertisement for a furnace clean and check. The offer was not from their normal heating contractor, but who could go wrong with a low price that promised to "renew your furnace to its original...

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Reduce your high energy bill

How can I reduce my high energy bills? Your home energy costs depend on several factors. In an effort to minimize your energy usage, or at least understand where your energy is going, it is important to know which appliances and  family habits contribute to the...

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