Do You Really Need a Home Humidifier?

Precision Comfort Choice #6


Choose: Bypass humidifier, fan powered humidifier, or steam humidifier 

Will my home need a humidifier?

Dry homes in the winter are caused by cold, outside air entering your warm home. Homes that have more outdoor air infiltration need more humidity added for comfort. Homes that are air-tight may not need a humidifier. Air infiltration comes from exhaust actions such as, fireplace use, kitchen range venting, clothes dryer venting, a leaky home shell, mechanical ventilation and door traffic. As these activities increase, humidifiers are needed more.

Humidifier overview: 
Whole house humidifiers are better than portable room humidifiers. If you are sensitive to dry air in the winter or want to maintain better control of your indoor humidity for wood flooring, furniture, antiques or perhaps musical instruments, consider one of the three levels of humidifiers below.

Option: Primary Feature: Reasons to choose this option:
Bypass Humidifier The first level of humidifier is the bypass system and will include extra ducting near the furnace. The furnace fan is used to pass air through the humidifier. This is the lowest cost type of humidifier but will require a little extra room near the furnace. The bypass duct may appear less tidy.
Fan Powered Humidifier The next type of humidifier does not require extra ducting and will include its own fan to blow moist air into your duct system. Mounted near the furnace, it takes a minimal amount of space. Most popular type of humidifier. Tidy application. Choose a location on the furnace ductwork for easy access for maintenance.
Steam Humidifier
Steam humidifiers do not rely on warm air evaporation. They inject moisture directly into the ducted air circulated in your home. This process will allow for greater humidification capacities. Especially for homes needing higher humidification output. This option will require an upgraded electric circuit and will add electric usage.
Humidifier Notes:

  • To prevent excess moisture on windows, especially older, less efficient windows, winter indoor humidity needs to be reduced as the outdoor temperature decreases. Manual controls need adjusted frequently.
  • Automatic controls can be used that sense the outdoor temperature and adjust the humidifier accordingly.
  • Many of today’s thermostats will allow humidifier control. Otherwise, a separate control is involved.
  • Frequent maintenance is required for humidifiers including cleaning and replacing pads.