More than One Heating and AC System

Precision Comfort Choice #2

Choose: For larger homes, choose a single system for the entire home or multiple systems for much greater comfort control.

One System home: Homes up to about 4000 square feet can be served by a single comfort system. However, for a home this size, temperature control in all parts of the home becomes more of a challenge, especially upstairs versus downstairs. Zoning the upstairs & downstairs (see Zoning Option) will help, but for the best comfort control, consider a separate system for the upstairs and one for the rest of the home.

Two System home: Homes that are 3000 square feet or larger and have more than one level will be more comfortable with two systems. Additional zoning is still possible. For example, the upstairs system could zone; 1) The Master Bedroom area and 2) remainder of upstairs. The main floor system could zone; 1) main floor and 2) basement. Homes with large two story rooms vertically open from downstairs to upstairs should especially consider two systems.

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