Why Precision Comfort Systems

Who do you call when you need advice on selecting a person to care for your family or home? Most people call a good friend to learn who in the business is trustworthy. Precision Comfort Systems comes in first with HVAC contractor referrals in Westfield, and the surrounding areas of Indianapolis North. We understand how important it is to serve each customer in such a way that one relationship creates another… and another… and another. Choose local and demand precision.

Referrals Drive our Business

Referrals come from friends who want to share stories about the discovery of good people. It usually stems from something personal such as an installation crew who cleaned the basement or an honest salesperson who suggested a repair instead of a new system. Because of our past performance and our many referrals, Precision Comfort Systems is widely recommended in Central Indiana.

Meet the Owners

Meet Gary and Howard. The strengths of these two business owners are a unique combination of skills and local friendships, unmatched in this business.

Our History

Precision Comfort Systems is the perfect sized, local company. Based on some solid fundamentals in customer service and precise skills, we flourish where many others fail. We are not the biggest company in the area, or the one that advertises the most, but this is by choice for a very good reason.

Builders Choose Precision

There is a little known secret when trying to find the right heating and cooling contractor. Ask a home builder. Home builders understand the comfort science and choose the company that not only understands the furnace and air conditioner, but other rare skills. New home builders are looking for a full understanding of the duct system, the comfort delivery design.

Geothermal Specialists

Precision Comfort Systems knows Geothermal heating and cooling systems and has more “geo” experience than any other Midwest heating contractor. For years, if not decades, as geothermal technologies matured, it seemed the Central Indiana adage was, “If you want a geothermal system installed properly and reasonably priced, call Gary and Howard at Precision.”