Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

For a home comfort system that is environmentally friendly and saves on utility costs, talk to the Central Indiana geothermal experts.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems Installation

Both the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DOE (Department of Energy) concluded that geothermal heat pumps are the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to heat and cool your home, so if these things matter to you, a geothermal installation may be right for you.

Geothermal Systems Maintenance

Other than keeping your air filters changed on the recommended schedule, you may only need a system check once per year. We check the following during your geothermal maintenance:
  • Heat pump: We look for any potential leaks, change out the air filter, and inspect the condensate array.
  • Electrical components: We check all electrical components to make sure they are delivering the proper amperage and/or voltage.
  • Ground loop: We’ll check the pressure of the ground loop, and adjust it if necessary.
  • Antifreeze levels. Geothermal systems require an exact amount of refrigerant or antifreeze to work correctly. We’ll check the levels and adjust if necessary.

Geothermal Systems Repairs

As with any equipment, repairs are sometimes required on geothermal systems. However, geothermal systems can last up to 25 years, which means you may never need to replace one. As the geothermal company with the most experience in Central Indiana, when you need repairs, you can count on Precision Comfort Systems to know how to handle them, so you can go about your day.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Unlike traditional heating and air conditioning solutions, geothermal systems for homes don’t burn fossil fuels and don’t actually create any heating or cooling energy. Instead, they harness, extract, and redistribute the sun’s energy already waiting underground.

Nearly half of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the ground as heat when it reaches the Earth’s surface. While Central Indiana weather may be known for wild temperature swings throughout the year, the Earth’s temperature roughly 4 to 6 feet below the surface remains relatively consistent between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Geothermal heating systems tap into that energy with a buried “Earth loop” network of pipes that absorb heat stored underground and carry it indoors for distribution as needed. The process reverses during the cooling season, with a geothermal heat pump easily extracting unwanted heat from your house and depositing it back into the cooler Earth.

After surveying your home and property, Precision Comfort Systems can determine and design the best styles of geothermal loop design for your situation.

Why Choose Geothermal?

Save Money on Energy Costs
While installing a geothermal system in an existing home will carry higher initial costs than traditional comfort solutions, geothermal heating’s cost per month is much lower than conventional furnaces and air conditioners.

ENERGY STAR-certified geothermal equipment and expenditures qualify homeowners for a 30% Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit through 2032. In our experience, a family in a 2,200-square-foot home can save approximately more than $1,000 per year on utility bills through the use of geothermal energy.

Green Efficiency
According to the EPA, a geothermal heating system can reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 72% compared to conventional air conditioning equipment. The DOE’s renewable energy program says they use 25 to 50 percent less electricity.

Overall, geothermal units are more than five times more efficient at heating and more than twice as efficient at cooling than even the most energy-efficient traditional systems.

Minimal Maintenance & Repairs
Geothermal heat pumps contain fewer moving parts than traditional systems, leading to longer lifespans with fewer breakdowns. Geothermal heat pumps can last up to 25, while underground loops can last up to 50 years or longer.

Ask Your Comfort Specialist About Our Easy Financing Options

Heating and cooling comfort systems can represent a significant—and sometimes unexpected—necessary investment in your home. Precision Comfort Systems offers qualifying Hoosier families an affordable financing solution with approved credit. Talk to our comfort specialists today, or apply for credit with Wells Fargo by clicking the link below.

A Wells Fargo Home Project credit card provides:

  • Special promotional offers where available
  • Revolving line of credit that you can use for future purchases
  • Convenient monthly payments to fit your budget
  • Easy-to-use online account management and bill payment options

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