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When you need service, you need it now. Seems like most Indianapolis area furnace repair or air conditioner repair companies claim to be fast, but can they deliver both fast and precise service? Precision Comfort Systems in Westfield, IN is your local comfort specialist. Local and Precise are two of your most important requirements when choosing your heating contractor.

Call for Furnace repair or air conditioner repair

Call us at 317-867-2665 for your NOW furnace repair or air conditioner repairWe respond to our customers that have no heating or no cooling first. Make certain we know if your system has failed. Even if your furnace and air conditioner appear to be working properly, don’t forget that preventive maintenance is important to keep your family safe and comfortable. Call us and ask for a Preventive Maintenance Agreement. You can also schedule a non-emergency service online.

If you live near Westfield, Indiana and are not a Precision Comfort customer, we encourage you to call us to experience Precision. Our response time and our excellent customer service to new customers in a time of need sets us apart from the competition. Give us a chance to impress you. Here is what your neighbors are saying about our service.

Service Costs

How much will it cost for my furnace repair or air conditioner repair? Aside from “When can you get here?” questions about Indianapolis area HVAC service costs are some of the most common.

The final bill you pay for a furnace repair or air conditioner repair from any contractor will depend on 1) labor time, 2) parts needed and 3) honesty. The last part of this calculation is the most important. You need a specialist that is capable of finding the exact problem and will tell you the truth about what repairs are really needed.

Precision Comfort System’s service prices are not only reasonable, but we pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose and correct the real problem quickly. We save you money since we have the expertise to pinpoint a single problem instead of fixing three parts with a hope and a prayer.

And above all, we are honest. That’s why so many of your neighbors have called us for our free second opinionRead Energy Man Dan’s blog about questionable furnace failures.

In addition to our honesty, we offer you some of our costs here:


Precision Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA)

  • For a Precision Comfort customer includes two Precision tune, clean and safety checks per year and additional benefits, including a 17% discount on flat rate repairs.

Our Cost for a Furnace Repair or Air Conditioner Repair

  • We must examine your system thoroughly to determine the exact problem. Our trained specialist will charge a reasonable diagnostic fee for this analysis and this will include a quote for a full repair.

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