Continuing the topic from my last blog, Crawl Space Vents can cause Moisture Problems, let’s discuss some solutions. What is the best way to reduce humidity in a basement or crawlspace?

Believe it or not, many Indianapolis area homes will solve their humidity problem in one easy step. If you have crawl space vents, these vents are likely the source of your crawlspace or basement moisture. If you have a central air conditioning system to cool and dehumidify your home, the most obvious solution to your humidity problem is to simply close the louvers on these vents. But this may not be enough. The vents are no doubt caked with grass clippings, dirt and spider webs. And even if they are clean, they will not close well enough to keep the humid summer air out of your crawlspace. So if you want to make them airtight, seal them from the inside with a tight fitting foam or plastic material. Once a basement or cellar or crawlspace is closed to the Indianapolis humidity, your air conditioner will better dehumidify this space.

While you’re down in that moist crawlspace, make sure you have a good layer of plastic across the entire floor. The overlapping edges of the plastic should overlap at least 12 inches. This will minimize the moisture coming from the ground into your home.

So step one is to reduce the source of moisture. Step two is to use the air conditioner wisely. Normally a good air conditioner that is working in a relatively tight environment will adequately dehumidify a home. The more outside air leakage there is, the harder it becomes to do this. So during hot humid weather, keep the home closed. Even if a single evening cools off a bit, it may be best to keep the home closed instead of bringing in a new load of humidity overnight.

Step three is to help out the air conditioner with a dehumidifier. Many homes with a basement will need a dehumidifier. Again, these are designed to dehumidify a closed space, not your entire neighborhood. So keep the area closed off from the humid Indianapolis weather. Ideally, you can drain your humidifier directly to a permanent, reliable (does not clog easily) drain. This eliminates the task of emptying the bucket.

Step four is for those of you who are interested in the best solution for whole house dehumidification; (fittingly named) the whole house dehumidifier. Call Precision Comfort Systems today. We pride ourselves in recognizing homes that are in need of a custom solution to basement, crawlspace or general home humidity problems. For example, let’s say you have a very energy efficient home; high performance low-e windows, air tight construction, good doors, and maybe you even enjoy the benefit of trees shading your home. Well despite your low air conditioning bills, think about it. Your air conditioner may not be running enough to dehumidify. You need a separate, custom solution to properly dehumidify your entire home.

Open crawlspace vents can cause moisture problems in humid midwest climatesLong term, high humidity in a home can lead to some very unpleasant problems. We’re no health experts, but we do know the mechanical solution to moisture problems. Click the “Contact Us” button and let’s get you and your family dried out. Call us before you walk down the basement steps to find…