How can I reduce my high energy bills? Your home energy costs depend on several factors. In an effort to minimize your energy usage, or at least understand where your energy is going, it is important to know which appliances and  family habits contribute to the greatest (and least) energy consumption.

Someday we may use sophisticated meters and be able to see our family’s energy use itemized in a statement, just like our grocery bill. Then, if the bill total seems too high, you can simply scan the list and find the items contributing to the high bill. But we are not quite there yet.

So how do we discover the cause of a high bill? In most homes in the Midwest, the greatest energy user is home heating. Next largest is the air conditioning or the water heating, depending on the amount of air conditioning used or the number of people in the family. These three highest energy users can account for 60% of your home’s energy use. So if we are considering changes, we should start with these three items that make the largest impact.

If you have high energy bills, what should you do next? You could call your utility company or a home energy inspection service, but these sources usually recommend that you consult with a knowledgeable and qualified heating and cooling contractor to be sure your systems are working properly. Heating and air conditioning performance testing is a very specialized science and only trained technicians can perform this service.

So go directly to the experts. Precision Comfort Systems technicians are heating and cooling specialists. They understand that your home’s energy efficiency depends on a properly working furnace or heat pump or air conditioner. But what’s more, they also understand how these systems interact with your home.

The best comfort and highest energy efficiency is achieved when a specialist is able to inspect all energy related components at your home.