So Many Options


Most homeowners understand that the furnace and air conditioner is the heart of their home comfort system. But customers concerned with their family’s health thank us for our attention to many other heating and air conditioning comfort options. Precision Comfort Systems will help you decide which options are needed for your family’s upgrade in indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency.

And don’t worry, we know… choosing which options are most important for your family can be overwhelming, especially if these options are presented at the time of an unexpected furnace or air conditioner failure. You simply want to get a new unit and be comfortable as soon as possible!

Precision Comfort Systems understands your situation. We will not pressure you into purchasing options or services that are not needed. However, we will still offer our professional guidance so you are better informed about current advances in technology, which products help your health and comfort and which products to avoid. Best of all, even if you do not purchase these items now, with our experience, we are able to design your new system such that the options can be added later.

We specialize in the most up-to-date design and installation of the following:

  • Air cleaners – some of these are good, many of them are not good. And beware, even the good air filter products must be installed properly.
  • Zone Control Systems – Tired of one part of your home getting hot and the other part staying cold?
  • Humidifiers – absolutely necessary in some homes, but not all. We know the difference.
  • Whole house dehumidifiers – rarely mentioned by other contractors, this could make the difference between a healthy, comfortable home and a moldy, moist health hazard.
  • Intelligent thermostats – can be purchased in so many stores, but is it the right one for your system?
  • Fresh air ventilation – soon to be a mandated requirement for family safety, outside air is most needed when you finally achieve a well-insulated, energy efficient home.
  • Custom Comfort Options – special problems need Precision Comfort experience. You will not likely stump us with your heating, air conditioning or ventilation question.

New Home Options

See a complete list and learn about all your comfort options.