Our History

Gary Holt and Howard Newport, Precision Comfort SystemsHoward Newport and Gary Holt started Precision Comfort Systems in 1998. But the foundation for this business started years prior. Gary and Howard both have over 30 years of experience in quality heating and air conditioning in Indianapolis. Their prior experiences in both large and small companies taught them about the ideal structure for a local, family owned service company. They chose Westfield, Indiana, the center of Indianapolis North Side. And the rest is history.

Precision Comfort Systems is the perfect sized, local company. Why does size matter? The largest heating contractors are (by definition) a very high-volume customer turn-over process. Most customers are familiar with, if not weary of, these high budget advertising machines, normally promising limited time free products and slashed to the bone services.

At the other end of the scale, a very small air conditioning company or a “guy you know in the business” might be tempting. But quality and reliability should be your greatest prerequisite for any investment.

Precision Comfort Systems is a perfect balance; not too big and not too small. They are honest with their occasional advertised offers and depend on word of mouth referrals more than unrealistic, sensational giveaways.

Gary and Howard believe, “Our past, satisfied customers are the most powerful and effective type of advertising we possess and we depend on our long standing, “best in the area” reputation to keep our referrals coming in. As a result of our long standing commitment to customer satisfaction, we are, perhaps, the most referred heating and air conditioning company in the City of Westfield and other nearby communities.”

Located in Westfield, Indiana, Precision Comfort Systems is known as the Heating and Cooling Specialists of Central Indiana. They serve all brands of furnaces and air conditioners in existing homes. They are especially known for their expertise in designing heating and cooling systems for new homes in Central Indiana.

Unlike other HVAC companies, the business owns a complete sheet metal shop, where trained technicians fabricate the custom duct work and sheet metal fittings necessary for the best in quality comfort systems.

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