For a recent Indianapolis area family, it started as a simple, low cost advertisement for a furnace clean and check. The offer was not from their normal heating contractor, but who could go wrong with a low price that promised to “renew your furnace to its original condition?” Now, it has turned into a very expensive proposal for a complete furnace replacement. Did the low price checkup really discover a furnace about to go bad?

The truth? Yes, a checkup is exactly what you need to be sure you furnace is working properly before the winter starts. If there are safety problems, a good quality inspection should uncover the problems. But here is a different question… Is every condemned furnace and resulting furnace replacement truthful and necessary? Unfortunately… no.

How do we know?

Precision Comfort Systems offers a free second opinion. We have been called to a few homes recently because of our longstanding reputation for honesty and precise, technical knowledge about all brands and types of heating systems. These homeowners were told to replace the heating system as soon as possible for safety reasons. What we found was a 12 to 15 year old furnace that had a little dirt, a little rust, or a small adjustment needed, and then the furnace was otherwise fine.

What should customers do if they are surprised with a condemned furnace from a cheap tune-up? There is no better way for homeowners in Westfield, Noblesville, Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers to know for sure if the furnace is really unfit or if the unfortunate coupon clipper has been the victim of an overzealous sales routine. This bothers us. We understand how dependent our customers are to know the truth. Precision Comfort Systems is in the business to earn your trust first, sell you a new furnace second.

If your otherwise functional furnace is condemned during a routine checkup, this is a serious diagnosis. It may need attention immediately. But call for a second opinion from a local, trustworthy company who is known for their honesty.