We are fresh back from last week’s Indianapolis Home Show and, WOW! What a great show. Here’s the bottom summary: Indiana demands geothermal high efficiency. Central Indiana’s most popular heating and cooling tax credit is the geothermal federal tax credit of 30%. The Indianapolis area will see many new homes built this year. Precision Comfort Systems will see many new geothermal high efficiency heating and air conditioning jobs in the very near future. Here are the details on my observations.

Our home show booth was very busy and this is what we learned. Geothermal high efficiency heating and cooling is very popular. Not only because it is the most efficient choice, but also because of the 30% geothermal federal tax credit. Our visitors liked our prices, loved the savings estimates, left their names and now we are frantically trying to get back with all of them.

Couples planning on building a new home this year were much more plentiful than last year. And the most popular heating choice for the new homes was the same as the existing homes. Geothermal high efficiency systems are an easy decision when the investment is part of a low interest home mortgage. The upfront cost is reduced with the 30% federal geothermal tax credit and the small amount added to the monthly payment is offset by the monthly energy savings!

Those who heat with propane and oil are upset! Their propane and oil bills are very high! They are so high, many new geothermal installation costs can be paid off in one to two years when you compare the geothermal price (minus the federal tax credit for geothermal) to a non-geothermal installation. What a no-brainer!

We had a very popular drawing at the show and you can read about the winner on this page. Thanks for stopping by. Especially if you were one of our past satisfied geothermal customers and you just stopped by to say how much you love your geothermal system. We love to hear from you. Thanks!