You are building an energy efficient home. Since you have taken the time to build it right, you deserve a heating and cooling system that is energy efficient, comfortable, reliable and designed with the most current science and software. You will not necessarily receive all these features if your current HVAC contractor does not utilize the best new home heating and air conditioning design standards.

One of the most important components of a comfortable home is the ductwork. These hidden pipes are the comfort distribution system for your family. This network of custom fabricated ducts should be professionally designed and sized in conjunction with an accurate heating and cooling load calculation. The heating and cooling loads not only determine the proper size HVAC system, they also determine the volume of air required for each room.

Precision Comfort Systems completes an accurate load calculation for your new home. Many times we are competing with other contractors and we find that a home needs (for example) only a 3 ton air conditioner, not the 4 ton system quoted by others. Our precise software will even allow us to turn the home to the worst case orientation (N, E, S or W) just in case the home is built again on a different site.

You need a precise load calculation to know the proper size for both your furnace and air conditioner. But total system sizing is only a portion of what we do right at Precision Comfort Systems. Based on all the insulation, construction and window information provided by the builder, we calculate exactly how much airflow (comfort) is needed in each room. We pride ourselves in delivering comfort to each room as needed, considering all the variables. This is what we are selling. Properly designed comfort to every room.

Precision Comfort Systems designs and services some of the largest homes in the Indianapolis area and we have the skills to satisfy the most demanding homeowners. When you need to decide on an HVAC contractor, remember this. You can purchase a new furnace and air conditioner any time in the future. They are both an easy commodity to compare and replace. But your internal air distribution system is likely the same system that will be used from day one to the end of the home’s life 100 years from now. Put some science into this important comfort component!