The cost of propane gas (same as LP gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas) has always caused high heating bills in Indiana. But in 2014, Indiana propane prices doubled and this caused rationing and sent homeowners in search of alternatives. Some homes are keeping their LP gas furnace because they are unaware of the energy efficient alternatives. But the propane gas homes that change to a better heating system are now seeing savings of thousands of dollars per winter.

The solution is a geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal energy is the least expensive option to heat and cool your home. It is well known that a geothermal system can cost more to install than a new LP gas furnace, but the energy savings will easily pay off the difference in just a few years.

Precision Comfort Systems can estimate your savings when you change from a propane gas system to a geothermal system. You simply need to tell us how much you spent on LP gas the past winter, your propane cost per gallon and the efficiency of your current furnace.

For an example of the savings seen with geothermal read this from a recent blog.

Do not pay your propane supplier to fill your tank at the current high propane costs. Let us compare your current high LP gas cost to geothermal. In the meantime, you may even consider using a portable electric heater to save money. Read this about propane costs vs. electric heating costs.