Searching for the best Solar Energy Collector for the Indianapolis area? How do you easily capture solar heat energy and, just as important, store it for future use? And while we are being demanding, is there such a thing as a residential solar energy system that does not cost much and does not destroy the looks of your home? Wow! Seems like we’re asking for an extreme amount of benefits for a small investment. Why not add a federal tax credit to your idealistic wish list?

Well I have the answer to your difficult order, but it’s not likely the conventional Solar Energy System that you have envisioned. It’s not going to turn your roof into glass or plumbing maintenance nightmare. And here is the worst part… after making this wise energy efficient investment, worthy of all the praise and admiration of the most critical neighbor, the neighbors may not even notice that you are using solar energy. Where is the fun in that?!

The solution is something you probably already own that simply needs a small modification. If fact you may be sitting on the answer as you read this. Do you own the property where you live? Great! You own one of the most cost effective solar energy collectors and solar energy storage systems available.

The best solar collector is the easiest solar collector



Here is a picture of my Solar Energy Collector in the winter.






We install geothermal systems that capture the solar energy stored in your yard


Here is a picture of a Precision Comfort Solar Energy Storage system in the spring.







Do not do solar energy panels before you do the easiest type of solar system



Here is one more example of a Solar Energy System in the summer.





Getting the picture? Now the only question is how soon will it be before you tap into the solar energy savings that has been stored in your ground. Did I mention the tremendous air conditioning efficiencies when you use the ground to cool your home? Call Precision Comfort Systems for an estimate to install a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home and a geothermal loop in your yard where you have been collecting and storing solar energy all these years.


So let’s review… You want Solar Energy but you demand, low cost, durability and low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, a significant reduction in your home energy usage, a tax credit and lots of attention from your neighbors for being energy efficient.

  • Geothermal systems are a much lower investment than typical solar panels and solar energy storage systems.
  • Geothermal systems are very durable with much less maintenance and do not cover the roof of your home like solar panel systems.
  • Geothermal systems save a significant amount of energy in home heating, air conditioning and even help with water heating.
  • Geothermal systems currently qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit.
  • Geothermal systems from Precision Comfort Systems come with a very brightly colored site sign so you can show off to the neighbors. Sorry, they will not be able to see your new solar system as the outdoor portion will be completely buried. In fact, they will not even be able to see your outdoor air conditioner unit any longer since geothermal does not require an outdoor AC unit.

Show off your new Solar Energy System investment with this sign

So overlooking the fact that your home will not look like the solar experiment you see at the interstate highway rest areas, I think geothermal systems are the very best solar energy systems available for any residential application. Find more geothermal information here.