The hot summer days and especially the nights bring back one of the most common home comfort problems: a hot upstairs. Despite your air conditioner repair man saying the AC is tuned up and running properly, the bedrooms on the second floor are so hot, many in the family choose to sleep downstairs. Better yet, if you have one, you may find relief 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the basement! How can a home’s air conditioning system become so imbalanced? How can you fix a hot upstairs during a hot Indianapolis summer? How can you improve the air conditioning in the second floor rooms?

First let’s mention the things that will not help your hot rooms in the summer:

  •  A new air conditioning system will not likely help.
  • An air conditioning system tune up will not help.
  • Closing all the downstairs registers may help the hot upstairs a little, but your air conditioning system may suffer from inadequate airflow.
  • Attic fans are overrated and can cause more problems sucking air conditioned air out of your home.
  • More attic insulation helps, but only if you have very little now. Adding more to an adequate amount will do very little.
  • Ceiling fans are a mild consolation. They circulate the warm air but do not cool it and even add a little heat to the room.

So what is the solution to a hot upstairs where the second floor rooms need more air conditioning? You need a heating contractor that understands air duct design. Most HVAC dealers replace heating and air conditioning systems, but do not design and install new, premium air distribution systems in new homes. Precision Comfort Systems is the top choice for Indianapolis area builders when it comes to a balanced home air conditioning system. Let Precision look at your air conditioning system to see what changes are needed in your duct system to finally improve your hot upstairs.

When is the right time to do this? The ideal time is when you purchase a new air conditioner and or furnace. Thus the reason for the title of this blog… How to Cool Hot Upstairs rooms with a new AC. Do not make the mistake of simply buying a new air conditioner without having a duct design specialist examine your duct system. The first 10 feet of your duct system can be the most important factors and a Precision Comfort specialist will always consider your total home comfort when quoting a new air conditioning system. We even offer a complete home inspection that can identify other major sources of your summer discomfort.

Are you ready to get serious about your hot upstairs? Call Precision and let’s look for a new duct route to the hot second floor rooms. Let’s see if a second, high efficiency air conditioner can be used for the upstairs. Let’s see if we can add a zoning system to the entire home. You need a Precision air distribution design specialist when you buy a new air conditioner!

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