Hot, humid summer weather… you know it’s coming! The only good thing about  the Indianapolis area getting hot and humid is… we all have something to talk about.  And what’s more, almost all of us will finally agree on something; It’s HOT and we love our air conditioning! At Precision Comfort Systems, our Indianapolis air conditioner, AC service calls have been increasing. The AC service department has been busy responding to all the No Cooling calls in Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel and the other communities surprised by our early heat this year. Much of the time the service technician spends on an AC service call is answering questions like, “Is it OK if my AC is running non stop?” “How can I lower my high air conditioning bills?” Where should I set my AC thermostat temperature?”

Precision Comfort Systems AC service technicians are the best and they know the answers to most air conditioning questions. But I thought I would help them out by answering some of the most common air conditioning and summer comfort questions. Here are the questions we hear the most during the hot summer weather:

Why does my air conditioner never turn off on the hot days? It’s OK. In Central Indiana, air conditioners are sized for normal summer conditions of 15 to 20 degrees warmer outside than inside. So if it gets 20 degrees warmer outside than your thermostat setting, you will most likely see your AC running all the time. But even in extreme weather if you can cool your home 20 degrees less than say 100 degrees, your will still maintain a reasonably comfortable temperature for mid and late afternoon. And then by evening it should start to catch up. If you cannot maintain at least 15 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature, Call Us!

Is my air conditioner size too small? It could be, but do not judge your AC size on the hottest day of the year. In Indiana, 95 degrees outside temperature is very rare. Normal is more like 88 to 90 for a hot day. If your AC will not maintain 75 degrees inside when it’s 88 degrees outside it may be too small or it may not be working properly. A Precision Comfort Technician can determine this and tell you the truth.

Do I need a new high-efficiency air conditioner or just an AC repair? We try our best to get the full life out of your current air conditioner. AC life expectancy is about 13 to 17 years (average 15 years). Some repairs can make a big difference and it is very much worth the cost of AC service. But eventually you need an honest technician to tell you when it’s time to upgrade to a new, higher efficiency, more dependable air conditioner.

What are some easy ways to save on air conditioning costs? Here are two very easy and free AC tips. On bright hot summer days, close the drapes or blinds on the sunny side of the home. Solar heat can account for 50% of your AC costs and air conditioning load. Also, if you are air conditioning today and you plan on air conditioning tomorrow, do not open your home tonight. The night air is cool, but it is still humid. Summer humidity in Indiana can cause you AC bills to double.

Where should I set my air conditioning thermostat temperature? This is a tough one. Summer comfort is very subjective for each of us. (I think we are more sensitive to temperature in the summer than we are in the winter.) The first thing to note is that your home thermostat(s) may not be perfectly accurate, so do not get too set on an exact number. Cool to your personal comfort level but keep these things in mind; 1) you normally only have the ability to cool 20 degrees from the outside temperature, 2) each degree you lower the thermostat you could add 10% to 15% to your air conditioning bill, 3) if you wait until late afternoon to “cool down” the home, the AC may not be capable of reducing the home temperature during peak conditions.

Hope this helps. Keep Cool! If your AC fails, call Precision Comfort Systems! We offer much more than AC service repair. When you’re having comfort problems, we offer an honest evaluation of your heating and cooling system as well as your entire home. Our trained technicians have the experience to find your problem, and it’s not always a new system. And don’t forget, we offer free second opinions!