When you purchase a new air conditioner from Precision Comfort Systems in Indiana, you get some hard-to-find custom services. Think about this. While you’re investing a few thousand dollars for a new air conditioner, your investment could also include an upgraded duct system! See our new video that shows how custom duct fittings are made in our shop. See how we can custom design important duct parts for your home. This service can make a big difference for your new air conditioner.

A new furnace is just as important as a new air conditioner. Both systems rely on your duct system to transport the proper volume of comfort to each room. Many homes have a wonderful new air conditioner or new furnace. But the old duct system remains inadequate for proper comfort distribution. Precision Comfort Systems is in the custom sheet metal, duct fabrication business. Most of our competition use store-bought ducts and duct fittings. But we create some very custom fittings to increase your comfort and energy efficiency. We gain our experience through the hundreds of custom new homes for which we design and install the best in comfort systems. Most contractors only work in existing homes, replacing air conditioners and furnaces. Most have never built a new duct system on any job!

We are different. Watch the video.

Custom DuctWhen Precision Comfort Systems examines your old furnace and air conditioner, we take pride in going the extra step to evaluate the duct “fittings”. These are the pieces that connect the furnace or fan cabinet to the duct system. This is where the highest air volume and air velocity is found and it’s also where a new custom duct fitting can make the most improvement. Many times, when the duct system is accessible, we are even able to make changes downstream in the duct system to help a particularly uncomfortable area in your home. Remember, even the best new air conditioner or furnace is DOA if it is unable to deliver the comfort to the rooms where your family spends their time.