I would like to take a moment to write about the installation team (Chris, Paul Stowe, and Gary Burke) for my new geothermal unit. I’ve been with AT&T for 19-years having completed countless hours in customer service seminars and customer service training programs – your group is of the highest caliber. The gentlemen took time to answer any questions by me, never appearing agitated when I stopped in to check on work performed; in fact, they were engaging. The group took time to clean their work area following a days effort and then swept my garage not leaving a trace of debris upon total completion. The personalities of the installers allowed them to be approachable for some small talk, which their language refreshingly never crossed the line between customer and business. Furthermore, the installers never complained about unsavory aspects of their work (crawlspace, attic, etc.) they just executed. In summary, Precision Comfort Systems Inc. met all expectations and then some. Any competitive company can offer a quality product in its lineup; however, people are what connect customers to the business – Congratulations on a 5-star performance having both. I will promote word of mouth Precision Comfort to all interested in the subject.

Daniel, email to Jerry