Horse poop, that is.

Do you own horses and need a green home heating idea?

It appears that heating your home in the winter in an environmentally green manner can be accomplished by harvesting your horse’s manure and burning it. If your stable is large enough and you have the time it takes to process this recycled horse feed, you could heat your home all winter without additional fuel costs.

Green home heating with horse manure?

How to harvest free, green energy from your horse, to heat your home

Some may think this home heating method stinks, but according to those already excited about the heat content in excrement, there is no odor. You simply gather the dung piles, mix a load of them with water to form a slurry, press it into bricks, let it dry again and voila! Now you have lightweight, stackable, storable bricks of fuel to use in your wood burning stove.

This green idea for brown droppings is even being developed on a larger scale. According to a recent article in the Irish Times, Ireland is Europe’s largest producer of thoroughbred horses. However, horse manure is not allowed to be placed on fields here. So Fortum, an international “clean-energy” company has created Fortum HorsePower, a bedding and manure management service for stables. It provides bedding materials to horse owners and then harvests nature’s number two for energy production in one of its plants. The Irish Times notes that the “Helsinki International Horse Show has used contestants’ manure to generate all the electricity that the event has used over the last five years.” (Horse contestants only, I would assume, and not the riders?)

Horse owners, should you do this?

At Precision Comfort Systems in Westfield, Indiana, we like to think we are on the cutting edge of green home heating. But we do not do the necessary field work for poop pile production. Rather, we like to show our customers how environmentally friendly, comfortable and easy our newest home heating options have become. There are many choices and all of them should be a better fit for you than midnight poop scooping raids in your neighbor’s pasture.

How efficient are the new heating and cooling systems? Consider that your total costs owning a horse could easily be $300 to $500 per month. With a new energy efficient comfort system, you could heat and cool a home for a year for the same cost of keeping a horse a couple of months. And the good news is, all of our home comfort options are environmentally green, very energy efficient and with WiFi controls, very convenient. They are so convenient, you will probably never consider pressing your horse’s smelly slurry into dried pooh bricks.

My apologies for all the doo-doo puns.

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