Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your home or business cool and comfortable, top-notch air conditioning maintenance is a must. Trust the experts at Precision Comfort Systems to ensure your AC system runs at peak performance throughout the year.

Your Ticket to Cool Comfort

There’s nothing worse on a steaming, hot summer day than having your home’s air conditioner break down. But there’s real truth to the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Proper preventative air conditioning maintenance increases your system’s longevity and effectiveness while lowering the likelihood of an outage on a hot summer day.

Enroll in a Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Membership in Precision Comfort Systems’ comprehensive and affordable preventative
maintenance program helps ensure your air conditioning stays running smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance Program Enrollment Includes:

  • Preferred-Customer Priority Status – Jump to the front of the line if an issue arises, never pay any overtime, and enjoy a 17% discount on flat rate service repairs.
  • Two-Annual System Maintenance & Safety Checks – Twice each year, a highly trained and talented Precision Comfort Systems technician will visit to conduct a thorough assessment of your system. We’ll inspect and test all of your system’s electrical and mechanical components, cleaning the moving parts and making any needed adjustments to the settings and controls.
  • Discounts on Multiple Systems – Additional discounts for Off-Season Precision Maintenance Agreements. Ask for details.

Among the long list of items and processes covered through our comprehensive maintenance checklist are:

  • Checking air filters
  • Calibrating your thermostat and system controls
  • Inspecting and cleaning dirty condenser and evaporator coils
  • Checking all belts for wear and tear and lubricating mechanical components
  • Unclogging any blocked condensate drains
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Checking for proper refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Ensuring your family’s complete comfort and safety


Why is Air Conditioner Maintenance
So Important?

Protecting Your Investment
Stop small issues from becoming big problems. Routine maintenance from Precision Comfort Systems protects your equipment and helps keep it running efficiently, significantly extending the service life of your system, thermostat, or other underlying problems.
Energy Efficiency & Lower Energy Bills
Increased and prolonged comfort efficiency as a result of regular maintenance tune-ups lets you enjoy lower energy bills over the long life of your system.
Improved Air Quality
Twice-annual coil and condenser cleanings help prevent the growth of mold spores, bacteria, and other debris within your system. A clean comfort system circulates cleaner air, helping your family breathe easier.
Secure your family’s home comfort, safety, and peace of mind.
Contact the experts at Precision Comfort Systems to enroll in our comprehensive preventative maintenance program.

Ask Your Comfort Specialist About Our Easy Financing Options

Heating and cooling comfort systems can represent a significant—and sometimes unexpected—necessary investment in your home. Precision Comfort Systems offers qualifying Hoosier families an affordable financing solution with approved credit. Talk to our comfort specialists today, or apply for credit with Wells Fargo by clicking the link below.

A Wells Fargo Home Project credit card provides:

  • Special promotional offers where available
  • Revolving line of credit that you can use for future purchases
  • Convenient monthly payments to fit your budget
  • Easy-to-use online account management and bill payment options

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