Geothermal Directional Drilling

Geothermal Directional Drilling has accumulated many names; geothermal bored loop, directional bore geothermal loop, slant drilling and (in an attempt to market the ordinary) some providers add advertising adjectives like verti-zontal or simply diagonal. Regardless of how you name this globally proven technology, geothermal directional drilling turns out to be one of the best geothermal loop design for Indiana soils. Precision Comfort Systems offers all types of loop designs and we install the best loop design for your home and property.

Let’s compare a geothermal bored loop to the other common methods. Recall from our geothermal loop design page, a horizontal loop is normally an open trench dug in a yard that has adequate space. The greatest benefit to this closed loop is the lower initial cost. A vertical geothermal loop has unique features; fitting in tight places, going deep into the ground, and comparatively little soil disturbance. However, vertical loops can cost a bit more than the other solutions.

Geothermal directional drilling is actually another form of the horizontal loop design. Sure it starts into the ground at a slant, but then it normally levels out to a uniform level. This bored loop is steered under and around most obstacles that prevent a normal horizontal trench application. Typically, it is less initial cost than the vertical loop.

Contrary to some claims, there is no part of the bored geothermal loop technology that is exclusive to one provider. The only recent “breakthroughs” in the geothermal directional drilling business is the increased popularity of the method. As a result, more providers are offering this service and the prices are actually coming down. The best quality bored loops are coming from those companies that own a fleet of these drilling machines and drill daily for numerous underground facility installations.