Choosing the Right HVAC System

Confused? Here’s help on choosing the right HVAC system.

Choosing a new furnace or a new air conditioner can get confusing. There are so many choices. Let’s try and simplify the process. The topics below should help you better understand your choices and will help you to select the best solution for your home and family.

Fuel choice – Homeowners who currently heat with an electric heat pump or a natural gas furnace normally choose a new system with the same fuel. Precision Comfort Systems can advise you on the current cost comparisons between fuels.

Electric Heat Pumps – Are a very efficient means of heating your home. If you currently own an old heat pump that needs an upgrade, your new heat pump system will be much more efficient and have features that increase your comfort. One variable to consider in this decision is the amount you pay for electricity. We can help you with this.

Natural gas – is currently priced competitively and is a good heating fuel choice. If you heat with an older natural gas furnace that has a hot flue pipe, you will benefit by upgrading to a new “condensing” furnace with efficiencies of 89% to 98%. You may also consider a dual fuel (electricity and natural gas) combination for an even more efficient heating system.

LP (Propane) gas or Oil – fuels are no longer competitively priced in the Midwest. You should consider upgrading to a more efficient fuel source.

Geothermal heating and cooling – this is the most efficient comfort system you can purchase. Most any home currently heated or cooled with a ducted system can be readily converted to a geothermal system. If it can be done, Precision Comfort Systems has the experience to make it happen.

Boiler systems – can be upgraded to more efficient boilers, but before purchasing a new boiler, consider adding a duct system for central air conditioning and then compare the operating costs of the ducted heating systems. Of course keeping a boiler is also a good choice but make sure we compare the costs of all fuels available at your home.

New central air conditioners – are very efficient. Look for a high SEER or EER rating. Also consider choosing a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. A heat pump will air condition your home the same as an air conditioner and also work in the winter in conjunction with your furnace to lower your heating costs.

Other options – are numerous when purchasing a new heating and cooling system. Most important will be your opportunity to add a high efficiency fan, a high quality air filtration product and a humidifier if you need one. We can help you decide if your family needs these and other options.