New Homes

If you’re building a home and your new home comfort is important to you, you have a short term opportunity. Your new home comfort goal should be installing the most comfortable, energy efficient and well-designed heating and cooling system possible. Do not cut corners at this stage. Learn the science behind true comfort. Learn how your new home HVAC design will affect your family’s comfort for decades to come. Learn about the many options you have during construction that are difficult to achieve later.

Precision Comfort Systems offers you the very best Indianapolis area new home HVAC design services possible. What’s more, we dedicate this portion of our website to help teach you some of the science behind true new home comfort. If you read this material, you will be able to distinguish which HVAC contractors understand new home HVAC design.

The information on the following pages on new home HVAC design and home comfort is valuable for both new homeowners and builders. We separate some of this information, but encourage you to read it all.

New Home Owners

Learn about your new home comfort choices before you cut some costs. If you need to cut, save a bit on the paint or the lighting or carpet. You can always upgrade later. But do not cheapen the internal comfort distribution system that will be part of your home forever. The next page in this section is very important. This is where you can learn about all the comfort system options for your new home.

New Home Builders

Central Indiana’s finest new home builders depend on Precision Comfort Systems’ design services. If we already design systems for your homes, send your homeowners to this site so they can appreciate the extra steps you took for their future comfort. If you do not use Precision Comfort Systems, take a look at some of the features your new home is probably missing.