Geothermal Option: What is a Geothermal Desuperheater?

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Choose: Geothermal systems are capable of generating free or low cost hot water with a “Desuperheater”. This is an option on most Water Furnace systems.

Desuperheater Overview

Since you have chosen a Water Furnace geothermal system, you have the opportunity to save money on your domestic water heating costs. To simplify, this option takes advantage of the excess (free) heat available in the summer and recycles it by putting it in your water heater. In the winter, the heat is not free, but it is produced at a much lower cost than a standard electric water heater.

How does a Desuperheater work?

In the summer, heat is a waste product we are trying to eliminate. Instead of rejecting the heat to your loop, a DHW generator or desuperheater can capture some of the heat and put it in your water heating system. To maximize your energy savings, a pre-heat tank is recommended. See the diagram below.

Is a Desuperheater worth the investment?

Savings attained from the DHW option will be greater if: you utilize a pre-heat tank; you have many people in your family and use more hot water; hot water is used in the clothes washer and you use a fair amount of air conditioning in the summer. Note: some geothermal rebates require that this option is included.