Home Air Filter Options: Some Cause Problems

Precision Comfort Choice #5


Choose: Standard, disposable one inch filter, pleated filter from two to four inches, or a more advanced air cleaner.

Air Filter Overview and an Important Caution: 
From the first home furnaces ever made, the reason air filters were used was to keep dirt from harming the furnace and air conditioning components while still allowing adequate airflow. A simple filter will do this adequately. Better filter materials are available and they are helpful until they become too restrictive to airflow. Choosing the proper filter and filter size is very important to the performance of your new, high efficiency comfort system.

Option: Primary Feature: Reasons to choose this option:
Standard Disposable one inch filter The first level air filters are adequate to protect your furnace and air conditioner from the larger dirt particles. (Note, not all one inch materials are conducive to airflow. Check the airflow specs.) Low cost, disposable filters are easy to purchase, store and install. This choice will save you money over the life of your comfort system.
High Efficiency two to four inch pleated filter
It is not difficult to improve on the air filtering qualities of the one inch filter. However, as a result of being a better dirt collector, high efficiency filtering material is more restrictive to airflow. To compensate, pleats are used to increase the surface area and decrease airflow resistance. Choose a wider, pleated filter if you want better air filtering, longer lasting filters and are willing to spend a bit more to replace. A four inch filter cabinet would also allow you to easily upgrade to an electronic air cleaner in the future.
Air Cleaners
Advanced air cleaners are designed to fit in the same space as media filters, but claim a higher rate of particulate capture. Some are called electronic air cleaners and they place a slight electric charge on small particles for easier capture. Of all the more complex air cleaning systems, Electronic Air Cleaners are a popular and reasonably priced way to clean the air of the smallest air pollutants. Choosing the proper size is critical.

HEPA – Hospital Grade air cleaning for those with Health Concerns:

Many of our customers request the best in air filtration for health reasons, but are unsure of the best product. The best product is the one with very dense, very complete filtering material and a means of getting air from your home through the process without affecting total system airflow. HEPA systems (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) are similar to the systems used in hospitals. Since the filters are so restrictive to airflow, they contain their own fan. A HEPA system will share the duct system but the home heating and AC system airflow is not affected. A standard air filter is still used on the side of the furnace. Some extra space near the furnace is a consideration for this air cleaning option.