Thermostat Options Can Be Confusing

Precision Comfort Choice #4

Choose: Standard, simple thermostat, Wi-Fi stat for connectivity, or premium controls for monitoring.

Thermostat Overview:

Thermostat and comfort control options have become so numerous that many consumers are confused about the features and benefits. The table below tries to simplify this decision for you. Start by choosing from these three Primary levels and then let us know if there are any secondary features you are interested in.

Thermostat Option: Primary Feature: Reasons to consider this option
1) Simple, low cost standard thermostat The first level of thermostat is a low cost device that works like an older thermostat with the most basic functions. It may or may not include a basic programming function. Low cost, standard thermostats are typically used in apartments or low cost new homes where price is the most important goal.
2) Medium priced, State-of-the-art, Wi-Fi connected thermostat
The medium priced thermostat is our most popular choice and is starting to include an amazing number of features at a very reasonable price. Examples are Wi-Fi connectivity, programmable at many levels, more sophisticated comfort adjustments and touch screen. State of the art to match your high efficiency system. Wi-Fi connectivity is more than your ability to remotely adjust and check on your home. It is two way communication and you can be notified if there is a problem.
3) Premium Comfort Control System for Energy Use Monitoring and some with the same features found in Home Automation Connectivity
Most of the advanced control systems will be offered by the manufacturer of your new comfort system to work in conjunction with their high performance products. Sometimes this upgrade will include several other control devices in addition to the thermostat. Two of the most important features that homeowners enjoy are Energy Performance Monitoring (reports on your actual energy usage) and System Connectivity (ability of the thermostat to “see”, communicate and report on other components in your system). For a bit more, you get it all! Most manufacturers offer an advanced control system that enhances the Wi-Fi capabilities and allows energy use data collection, communication with and constant monitoring of several comfort devices and detailed reporting. If there is a problem, for example your sump pump has failed, you get notified. These systems can also maintain a detailed operations log to aid in diagnosing problems.

Thermostat Features to Consider:

In addition to the three main levels above, there are other control features too numerous and perhaps too complex to explain here. Depending on the manufacturer, these features may be found at several levels of their many control products. If any of these sound like a “must-have” for your family, let us know and we will find it for you: Battery Backup, Backlit Display, Adjustment Lockout, Color coordinated case, Outdoor Sensor, Multiple System alerts, USB plug-in for setup, System Diagnostics, Ventilation control, Humidity control, Auxiliary Heat control for Heat Pumps, Wi-Fi Link to several other thermostats or sensors throughout your home.

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