What is a Water Furnace Intellistart?

Precision Comfort Choice #13

Choose: Water Furnace Geothermal systems can be built with Intellistart technology. This will aid compressor cycling by utilizing a soft start.

Intellistart Overview

Since you have chosen a Water Furnace geothermal system, you have the opportunity to add the Intellistart device. A soft start every time the heating or air conditioning cycles off and on, will help preserve the life of the compressor, reduce light flicker in the home and diminish start-up sound from your unit.

Intellistart Considerations

One of the most noticeable features when you choose the Intellistart will be reduced or likely eliminated light flicker when the compressor motor starts. The soft start technology is also very useful if you intend to use a back-up electrical generator for your home. The Intellistart will allow a smaller generator to start the compressor motor. Otherwise, an extremely large generator may be require.

Intellistart Questions

Will the Intellistart reduce energy consumption?
No, there is no noticeable reduction in energy use. Although there is less initial draw, the lower amp start-up is too short to affect the electric bill.

What is the reduction in amperage draw? 
About 30% of the normal LRA start up rating.

How does the Intellistart help the life of the compressor?
Normal start-up current can be 5 to 10 times the normal run-time current. This puts a stress on your compressor motor. Intellistart will reduce this sudden start-up strain.

Does this device take more space or maintenance?
No. It is a small device that easily fits within the normal air handler cabinet and does not require maintenance.