Whole House Dehumidifier is Now Important

Precision Comfort Choice #7

Choose: Low cost portable (not recommended), whole house free standing, or whole house ducted

Whole House Dehumidifier Overview: 

If your home is energy efficient, your air conditioner will run less and your energy costs will be lower. However, indoor humidity can be a problem in the Midwest during humid weather when the AC does not run enough. Especially if you have a basement or you’re sensitive to moisture levels, a dehumidifier will increase your comfort.

Benefits to controlling summer humidity inside your home:

Indoor humidity can be controlled independent from the temperature. A drier home will be comfortable at higher temperatures in the summer. Dry air will control basement odors and mitigate mold growth. Whole house dehumidifiers are the most energy efficient means of reducing moisture.

Option: Primary Feature: Reasons to choose this option
Low Cost Portable Dehumidifier You are probably familiar with low cost, room dehumidifiers purchased at the home store. We do not recommend these as they are short lived, are much less energy efficient, hard to service and do not work well for the entire home. If you have a small home and/or your basement has lots of windows, your air conditioner may run enough to fully dehumidify. In this case, a portable unit may be adequate.
Free Standing Whole House Dehumidifier Placed in the basement or crawl space, a free standing whole house dehumidifier will greatly improve your below grade comfort and moisture issues. A dry basement or crawl space should improve comfort levels throughout the home. This is the most economical way to improve summer comfort. Even if the air conditioner does not run much, your home will be much dryer and more comfortable.

Ducted Whole House Dehumidifier



For the best whole house dehumidification, we will install your dehumidifier and connect it to the duct system for your home. (Two system homes may still only need one dehumidifier.) To maximize whole house air circulation and dehumidifying, the furnace/AC fan setting can be left on. If you have a little extra space near the furnace, we can integrate your dehumidifier into the duct system. An upgraded thermostat will allow easy humidity control settings.


Will my home need a Whole House Dehumidifier?

First, if you ventilate your home (see option 8) you will likely need a whole house dehumidifier. Next, if you answer yes to two or more of the following conditions, we recommend this enhancement for your home: Do you have a basement or crawl space? Is your home shaded by trees? Do you live in a low elevation near water? Do you have high efficiency windows? Was your home built very air-tight? Do the majority of your windows face north and south? Are you sensitive to high humidity levels or basement odors?