Zoned Heating and AC for Improved Comfort

Precision Comfort Choice #3


Choose: A single thermostat for the entire home or, for improved comfort control, choose multiple zones with each zone having its own thermostat.

Home Zoning Overview:

The larger your home, the more you will appreciate the improved comfort from a zoning system. Zoning will help minimize a hot upstairs in the summer or a cold basement in the winter. Zoning can also help home comfort when entertaining guests, cooking or when areas of your home are affected by direct sunlight on large windows.

Zoning Considerations:

  • Two, relatively equal sized zones per HVAC system is best, three equal sized zones is the maximum.
  • Small areas or rooms representing a small percent of the total heat/AC load should not be a zone.
  • A home with zones will require more room for additional ducts. Normally this will affect basement ceiling appearances the most and also use more space in the mechanical area for fittings and the control board.
  • Each zone will have its own thermostat. Choosing the proper thermostat location is a critical design task.
  • Zoning existing homes is much more challenging than designing a new duct system in a new home.

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