New Home HVAC Design for Owners

We hear a common but aggravating story from new home buyers. It seems they choose custom lighting, custom flooring and special appliances for their new home, but never meet their heating and air conditioning contractor and were never involved in their new home HVAC design. They were never offered choices about their home comfort.

There are a great number of choices to be made when first designing a system, each one bringing features, benefits and varying costs. Home comfort is more than a temperature setting. True home comfort begins in the design of your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, an Air Conditioning) system and especially the air distribution (ductwork) system.

Building a new home is your opportunity to learn about multiple zone temperature control, whole house dehumidification, winter humidification, indoor air quality, fresh air ventilation, intelligent thermostats, solar assisted air conditioners, custom floor diffusers, geothermal, multi-speed air conditioners and many other options. Here is the path to our new home options and a checklist that will help.

Unfortunately, building a new home might also reveal to you that most heating contractors do not truly understand new home HVAC design. Why? Here’s a trade secret. When existing homes need a furnace replacement, normally the existing duct system and other components already being used in an existing home are considered satisfactory and are not redesigned. Therefore, large volume heating contractors who concentrate on HVAC replacement work are not skilled in new system design.

If you are interested in hiring more precise knowledge, choose a contractor who designs the finer built homes in your community. Central Indiana’s finest new home builders depend on Precision Comfort Systems’ new home HVAC design services. And especially if the new homeowner and builder are investing in geothermal, Precision Comfort is known for the best quality in new home HVAC design.