FAQ – Energy Efficiency

Precision Comfort Systems in Westfield, Indiana is an expert in home comfort and in home energy efficiency. Here are some frequent questions we get regarding home energy efficiency and other related topics.

How often should my furnace or air conditioner be serviced?

Your furnace is more than just a convenience appliance. It is a technically advanced machine that is expected to safely convert gas or electricity into heat, 24/7, in order that your home and family survive the winter. We are all dependent on this machine and we need the peace of mind that it is working safely and efficiently. You should have your furnace or heat pump checked each winter season and your air conditioner checked before or during each summer. The peace of mind and added energy efficiency are worth the expense.

How often should I change my furnace filter?

Each home is different. Some homes have ducts that are not sealed properly and this can pull extra dirt dust into the filter. Pets add extra load on filters. Different homes use their furnace, air conditioner and fan differently. You should get in the habit of checking your filter once each month and change when needed. You will find some periods and conditions require more frequent changes. Precision Comfort Systems can advise you on the best type of filter for your home and family. Our twice per year preventive maintenance and safety check will help us discover if you have any problems which cause your air filters to get dirty too quickly.

How do I change my disposable furnace filter?

For many homeowners, changing a furnace filter is a do-it-yourself task. First you should turn off the furnace and/or air conditioner. If the fan is running, it is difficult to remove a dirty filter. Next, locate the filter. Sometimes it is behind a door which must be opened. Slide the old filter out slowly so you do not dislodge any dust into the furnace. Take precautions not to loosen or breathe the dust. Insert the new filter of the same dimensions and thickness as the previous filter, assuming the old one was the proper size. Note the airflow arrow on the edge of the new filter and insert properly. The air is flowing from the duct to the furnace. Close the filter door and turn on your system. If you suspect your filter is not the proper choice for your home, call Precision Comfort Systems. Their evaluation of your home’s indoor air quality device is included in a normal service check.

Should I buy a high quality furnace filter with a higher rating?

Unfortunately, this may not be a good idea for all homes. Yes we agree you deserve better indoor air quality, but not all the products offered at the home center are good for your heating and cooling system. Many of these products are actually too good. How can a filter be too good? From the high density medium used in many filters which stops more dirt particles, but also restricts airflow. This new $5 upgrade can harm your $7,000 system. Before purchasing a new device, check with Precision Comfort Systems for all your options. In our normal service check we can evaluate your system to determine your best options for better air quality and the best in home energy efficiency.

Should I buy a larger air conditioner?

Probably not. You may feel your old air conditioner was not keeping up and you need a larger unit but truth be known, most homes in the Indianapolis area have oversized air conditioners. Let Precision Comfort Systems evaluate your old system as well as your home. Many times we can cure your problems without a new system. If you do need a new system, we will insure it is the proper size; not too big and not too small. We may even find a way to improve your heating or cooling situation so you could have a smaller air conditioner and create even greater energy efficiency.

What size furnace or air conditioner do I need?

You will find many contractors answer this question with a simple rule of thumb, suggesting the size of the unit is directly related to the size of your home, measured in square feet. Not so. Precision Comfort Systems evaluates all the unique characteristics of your home. We consider the window exposures and the sunlight they receive, wall and ceiling insulation, duct location, basement or crawl space conditions, the air-tightness of your home and many other variables. Our rule is to insure the size of the system you purchase is large enough to heat and cool your home, but not bigger than you need.

What’s wrong with an over-sized air conditioner?

A over sized air condtioner with extra capacity delivers less comfort and costs more to operate. A system with too much capacity will run in many short cycles, turning on and off repeatedly, therefore causing it to be less efficient. Also keep in mind that an air conditioner only removes humidity when it’s running, so a system with shorter run cycles doesn’t remove humidity from the air as well as a properly sized unit.

What is a SEER rating on an air conditioner?

The S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) reveals the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The higher the S.E.E.R. the more efficient the system and it ranges from 13 to over 20. The number is a real value that tells us how much cooling is accomplished for each unit of energy consumed.

Precision Comfort Systems are the geothermal experts. Do you install and service other systems?

Absolutely! Precision Comfort Systems offers Water Furnace geothermal systems and also Carrier and Trane systems. We service all brands and models of central heating and cooling systems and all options such as humidifiers, indoor air quality products and fresh air ventilation products.

What is the best brand furnace or air conditioner?

Precision Comfort Systems carries several brands to increase your energy efficiency options; Water Furnace, Carrier, Trane, Honeywell, Aprilaire, and others. These are the brands we recommend, but brand choice is not the most important thing for you to consider. Discovering the local contractor with the proper expertise, experience and follow through abilities is your most important goal. Choose local. Choose Precision Comfort Systems in Westfield, Indiana.

What is one ton of air conditioning?

Imagine you cooled your home with blocks of ice. The amount of cooling from one ton of ice is about 12,000 Btu/h. We recommend using an air conditioner in Indianapolis instead of thousands of pounds of ice per day. A one ton air conditioner will remove 12,000 BTUs in one hour. A typical home may need a 3 ton air conditioner. Or another way to say this is, on a very hot day, the home accumulates 36,000 BTUs per hour and needs an air conditioner large enough to remove this much heat each hour.

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